US oil

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US oil

Wondered if anyone knew the percentage of the world's oil produced by the US and how much of it is exported.Thanks


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oil exports

Not much exported. A good place to study such matters is The Oil Drum. See also

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EIA publishes stats by region... are they accurate?

a link to US Energy Info Admin site attached.  usually quite a good source of raw data for oil, coal, nat gas.  shows US oil production increasing by close to 1mm bpd year over year (june11-june12 going from 10.0-10.9).  That made me look twice (as I believe thats half of global production increase over that time period).  Where is that growth coming from?  If its true, then its a positive trend, however, it made me think about the fuzzy GDP and inflation numbers we've been alerted to.  Any thoughts on fuzzy numbers (would love thread reference, as I haven't figured out how to screen threads by keyword)

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