Scientific breakthrough solves global energy crisis! (humor)

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Adam Taggart
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Scientific breakthrough solves global energy crisis! (humor)

Forget cold fusion; Science has discovered a brilliant method for generating limitless clean energy. Global energy crisis solved!

Guess us Peak Oil doomers sure feel silly now...

(hat tip to Chris for finding this)

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Local energy production requirement

Will this work with peanut butter?   I dont want to rely on cow production of butter but can locally produce peanuts.  thanks.   I look forward to your good advice.

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Good thinking...

Couple of thoughts...

Two cats side by side but top-and-bottom opposite or opposing slices of bread would be a far more balanced system.  Im thinking this system will fly apart without something to slow it down.  (would be messy, ew.)   So make sure you heat a swimming pool in the artic for the excess load. 

Im thinking you will need inventions #1 and #5 to keep the cats in good mental shape and invention #2 for remote locations.

Thanks for the laugh this a.m....




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Jim H
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This is simple quantum mechanics in action...

In the zone between the buttered bread:Cat and the floor, you are continually collapsing the wave function and therefore tapping into the all enveloping zero point energy field.  This is therefore a specific example of the Casimir effect, sometimes also called the "Catamir" effect, but not to be confused with Schrodinger's cat, which is entirely different since no cats are "thought" to be dead in this particular experiment.  I hope this clears things up a bit.         

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robie robinson
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Lovely shades of "Douglas"

Adams that is.  a true high energy hoot

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Wendy S. Delmater
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Good one

Brilliant! Thanks for the laugh.

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What happens if

What happens if the cat pukes? :)

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