Upcoming energy solutions

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Upcoming energy solutions

  Nova on PBS has a series on materials science and one of the most recent episodes featured the ongoing work of several scientists/inventors dealing with cleaner energy solutions.  It was heartening and fascinating to see what may be coming down the pike in just a few years time and I encourage everyone who comes to Chris' site to try and watch this particular program (wish I could remember the title of the exact episode).  While our civilization(s) will probably have to go through some really rough adjustments as we move past peak oil, I would place my bets on several of the potential solutions highlighted on this program providing much of the cleaner and abundant energy we will need to keep newer, emerging forms or our complex societies going.

  The really big question is how much of an impediment will the current crony corporate economic/political system be to the implementation of many of these potential energy solutions?   Or perhaps more pertinent, for how long will the current system(s) impede the evolution of more decentralized energy economies?   Their evolution is almost certain, but the powerful interests in any society rarely go down without a fight that screws many other people in the process.

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