Wagner's Ring Cycle

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Wagner's Ring Cycle

Sorry for the spam, nothing to do with the 3E. But I couldn't help to share with the community this very cool New York Met. Wagner's Ring Cycle coming up on PBS in the US, for Wagner & opera's lovers...




Beginning September 10, Robert Lepage's groundbreaking production of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen will be seen on PBS, together with the acclaimed documentary Wagner's Dream, on five consecutive nights. This is the first time a complete Met Ring has been broadcast as a cycle on public TV since the previous production by Otto Schenk was seen in the late 1980s


I'm watching the documentary Wagner's Dream right now, WOW amazing!

The first of four "Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold)" is on Sunday at 12PM on KPBS here in San Diego, the link above should provide the schedule on your local PBS station if interrested!

Hope some of you will enjoy it!


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This is a definite

This is a definite download/watch for me. I'm not too big on the music in general, apart from the overtures, but Wagner's themes are like nothing else. And he is by far the most 'quoted' musician in film history, I would say. His bridal chorus alone was in half of the films in the golden age of cinema.

Sorry for perpetuating the spam! Well it is my avatar. ;p

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