PeakProsrerity mindset compatable financial guidance in Oregon?

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PeakProsrerity mindset compatable financial guidance in Oregon?


I assume i've posted this in the wrong place, and have completely missed some place where the plethera of info is already available.

We're looking for financial counceling. The questions, and especially now, are becoming more complicated, to the point where we're lost in what direction to go with regard to:

- Current mortage...  Do we pay out to Refi (we're underwater a bit, can afford it, but look at the 6% we're sitting at now saying, we're wasting $1,100 a month...), or do we just sell it, take the loss, and do our downside (we're now empty nesters, in a too big house [which we do like a lot], with no good places to do things like...  solar farm, maybe a little planting and animal space, some more privacy...  We live just at the edge of burbs vs. the sticks.)

- Investment (besides accumulating physical...  done/doing that...  what do I do with the rest of the savings?), taxes with a small LLC...  so lost here.)

A guy we spoke with at (insert large financial firm) where my wife has her IRA said "my, you are out over the tips of your skii's" with my mining stocks (I'm up 20%... he's doing better?)  Anyway, that was just an example of needing to find someone who is willing to speak our language, yet still be smart and not ~too~ rabbid towards metals alone.

- About to inhearate possibly enough to support an overlapping downsize of our house...  Do we buy low now, prep what we have, and wait out a few years, while making our "retirement place prep" a part time job?

Vague/Complicated enough?

Lost in Portland,

Eric & Cindy

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