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100 Mornings - Movie

Has anyone seen the movie, "100 Mornings" ?

Its set in Ireland, in the mountains of County Wicklow. Apparently 2 months after some kind of collapse event. The grid is down, communications are gone, the local Police sergent has become the king of the village. It seems to have been very well researched and goes into the emotional and physical issues of isolation, hunger, relationships with family / neighbours.

I think it's well worth watching, it's obviously set in rural Ireland, which has a particular set of circumstances and environment.

This is a link to the Trailer on You Tube. 

The movie may not be available in the US, but will certainly be available in Europe.


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NetFlix has it

NetFlix has it on the waiting list, so you can reserve it.


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Other options

I'd like to see it, but we aren't Netflix customers.   I hope it's available via other companies soon.      

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No, I just heard about this

No, I just heard about this movie, kindly send me any link for downloading this movie.

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