Separatists & Oil

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Separatists & Oil

Yesterday the province of Quebec (Canada) elected a seperatist government. Yes, it is only a minority government, but extremely disruptive to Canadian economics. Quebec is 25% of Canada,s population.

Business Insider article:

Seems there is not as much oil in Saudi Arabia as we were told. I also read that no new oil has been found since the late 70's.

MAybe next month or year these articles will be very important.


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separatists in Quebec

I can tell you that here on the west coast of Canada most people are sick of this b.s. in Quebec. Ditto for the rest of Canada. The separatists are dreamers who do not have a clue what they are doing. Most of us are so fed up with them that we say "put up or shut up". In case they have not noticed, they have no leverage, and this is the worse possible time to open this can of worms. But as always, now that they are in power, albiet in a minority position, let's see whether or not they can put their money where their mouth is. The reality is Quebec is an economic basket case, always will be as long as they play the separatist card, and I can already imagine all the people getting ready to pack up and leave. It is hard to believe there are such naive, unaware, incompetent idiots who actually believe they could make a go of it on their own. Good luck with that! And don't let the door hit you on the way out!

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Quebec won't be separating

No need to worry Robbie. The way things are as long as there is a quick buck to made from tar sands oil Canada will be open for business.

Quebecers have voted for a change for a variety of reasons. But not for separation. There is no longer anything close to a magority of Quebecers wishing to separate from the rest of Canada. So it won't happenen.

John, from Alberta Canada

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