Chris Said Buy Gold Back In May, Now 8.6% Higher 3 Months Later

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Chris Said Buy Gold Back In May, Now 8.6% Higher 3 Months Later

Chris Martenson said on May 23 to "Buy Gold Today".

Buy Gold Today (May 23, 2012) (Subscription required)
"I don’t often make market calls or indicate when to buy or sell, but...if you have been waiting to buy gold, or have a dollar-cost averaging strategy in play, today served up a very compelling buy signal for gold."

Gold that day was trading in the $1550s range.

What is it today? Trading in the $1690s range.

Roughly an 8.6% gross profit in a little over 3 months, if you bought then and sold today (assuming you actually would sell today).

Anyone here want to chime in and give some props to the man, maybe express some gratitude?


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Thanks Chris

Thanks Chris for the objective analysis and thoughts you've shared for several years.  No one knows for sure what future markets will do, but it's a lot more useful than those gold oriented podcasts that rotate the same guests saying how great gold is over and over.  

If you think it's too late to buy now, well 4 years ago on this website there was some of that talk when gold wehn from $700 to $800.  $1600 gold was hard to imagine then until it sunk in how much money the Fed would print.  How about 4 years from now, where will we be?

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Do we have a buy signal now?

2 weeks ago Chris and Erik both were both cautious about buying into this recent Gold move. I wonder if they are giving the buy signal yet?

I have some dollars that might be better placed in Precious Metals.

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I bought

Chris's insights in May confirmed for me what I had already timidly concluded. As a result, I converted some US currency into Gold at the end of May. Better yet, when I had some more USC burning a whole in my pocket in July and the price was in the same ball park, I bought some more. Now I'm building up more USC reserves and waiting for the stock market and commodities to sell off in a big crash (then buy some more on what might be the last "sale" before the parabolic top).

Good point Poet.


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Thumbs up!

Bought my first Canadian maple leaf in May. So far, so good!

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