Buying PMs bureaucracy-free

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Buying PMs bureaucracy-free

I know this site recommends several sites for precious metals like BullionVault and GoldMoney. I myself am a patron, but would like physical delivery.

Is Hard Assets Alliance a good choice? I'm concerned about having to go through bureaucratic hoops in shipping.

I will be storing either in the US or UK. Are there any tax-free methods of procurement? It's not so much the additional tax premium (although that stinks as well) but the gov't record-keeping that scares me.

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I am a new HAA client, as

I am a new HAA client, as they were offering a promo recently on free membership. Good prices, I don't think sales tax is too big a deal honestly when it comes to placing your money in PMs. But you should research the Customs practices if you're shipping to US. Careful there. Previously I have been a customer of Liberty Silver Estonia: Their deliveries to UK and EU area for their coins are tax-free indeed. I suggest you go with UK storage rather than US, but that's my experience.

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