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Login Issues

Is there something I can do to avoid having to log in almost everytime I load up the site?  In the old version (and in every other website where I have to use login credentials to get in), my computer stores the usnm and password as cookies so I don't have to log in each time.  For some reason, the new site does not support this feauture, or I am doing something wrong. Help?

Someone probably already asked this, but I cannot find it anywhere.  Thanks,

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clearing cookies

When the new site first came out there were some broken cookies that had to be removed to allow the saved login to work correctly.

If you looked in your cookie store and removed all the ones sounding like Chris Martenson and Peak Prosperity it might fix your problem.

I don't have time to look but if you check out the section on site feedback the original instructions are probably there.

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sign post

post them in this store.Smile

If you have more ideas...fire away.




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