Water Tests to Detect Radiation

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Water Tests to Detect Radiation

We are wanting to get the local rain water and ocean water tested for radiation.  Can anyone recommend a service that does reliable water testing that we can send water samples to?




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Easy to do your own sampling and measuring....

Elsur -

Couple of questions and comments first....

What radionuclides are you sampling for and where (generally) are you located?

You don't need to pay for a testing organization to do the counting for you.  With just a bit of self study and an inexpensive radiac, you can do all of your own counting.

There are several things you need to understand about waterborne radioactive contaminants.  The vast majority of whatever you end up counting is going to be from naturally occurring sources.  You will need to sample, measure and determine background levels every day so you have a baseline to compare subsequent measured levels to.

Nearly all of what you measure will be suspended particulate.  Unless you are sampling the effluent stream from a damaged and leaking core you won't detect dissolved gases.  Just my opinion here, but if you are sampling an effluent stream from a damaged, leaking core you would be better off tying the radiac around your neck and jumping over the side of the boat.

All kidding aside - you can do this yourself for less than what you will pay in the long run for sampling services. 

But if you are going to go that route, try googling for "Environmental Sampling" businesses in your area.  there is no shortage of companies that do environmental sampling to support other organizations - manufacturing, building, etc.  They typically test for a wide variety of stream contaminants, you should be able to find a company that does radioactive sampling and analyses pretty easily.

Again, just my opinion here, but unless you are just looking for peace of mind, sampling isn't going to do anything except tell you what naturally occurring background levels are and possibly bring you some peace of mind.  Temporary spikes due to accidents like Fukushima are transient and unless you live in close proximity to an active accident site, you aren't going to see high enough levels of the long lived isotopes to be much concern beyond what is already there naturally.

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Testing water sample from Japan

I'm an Airline Pilot that would like to test the water at our layover hotel in Narita, Japan. I've contacted a lab back home in Florida and they requested 3 liters for the test. I would just like to see if the water is safe there. Any pointers on what to look for in the results after I have the test done? Thanks.

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I am lucky: I have fantastic doctors.
This is very useful information.Thank you.
Dr. Richard Meyer is Board Certified and the only Fellowship / Specialty Trained Orthopedic Surgeon in both hip and knee reconstruction / replacement and Sports Medicine at Touro Infirmary.
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Mosiac new whales sink hole

Im concerned about my well or where to turn. I would like to get my water tested on mosiacs behalf of paying for it.
Their sinkhole issue with radioactive water. I know that brown water has a ppm to it as of acid in it. They will just find some issue to cover their (beep). 1994 and in 2004 and now in 2016. So explain the issue to me about this dip stack issue.

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