Off the Cuff with Mish

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Off the Cuff with Mish

Have I missed something? Are the  series of weekly interviews going to continue with  Mish  or has it  by coincidence  stopped  with changes as a result  of the new Peak Prosperity new format .

I do appreciate that Mish has had some personal issues that he might be having tto deal with... just asking

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tricky rick
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off the cuff

Me too!  Enjoyed Mish's point of view and Chris' interaction with him.

gave me lots of talking points and I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about   hahaha

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How to Download Off the Cuff to MP3

Does someone have an easy way to download the Off the Cuff so that it can be listened to off-line by IPod (or I use a BlackBerry)?  I have no problem downloading the ITunes enabled Featured Voices and listen to these regularly on my BB but the Off the Cuff's I am only able to listen to if sitting at my computer.  When I try to download the file to my computer (so that it can be transferred to BB during synching), I get an Apple request that I buy a $30 program from them for a premium version of QuickTime.  I will buy that program if it fixes my problem (but I am not sure that really is the fix).  I thought an MP3 file was generic (ie not a proprietary QuickTime product).  Any advice is appreciated as I have struggled with this same issue for months.

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