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Off the Cuff with Mish

Have I missed something? Are the  series of weekly interviews going to continue with  Mish  or has it  by coincidence  stopped  with changes as a result  of the new Peak Prosperity new format .

I do appreciate that Mish has had some personal issues that he might be having tto deal with... just asking

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Yes, very much missed by

Yes, very much missed by myself as well. Adam replied to an inquiry I made about this. Travel plans recently interfered with the series but we should hear them back soon.

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Off the cuff....

MIsh and my schedules have not lined up over the past two weeks, but we are back on track this week and are both looking forward to continuing our conversations.

Obviously, there is a lot to cover after the two week hiatus.  

This week we will certainly be talking about what the blowing out yield spreads in Spain and Italy mean especially against a backrop of a deteriorating global economy.

After all, the various rescues have all been predicated upon the return of global growth, in many cases *robust* growth, and it looks like those prayers have fallen on deaf ears.  

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