Help ! Trying to balance investment desires with long-time advisor friend's advice

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Help ! Trying to balance investment desires with long-time advisor friend's advice

Here's my dilemma.  I have a pretty good financial advisor.  He listens to me, answers all my questions, does the research requested of him, files paperwork promptly, etc., etc., and now recently he's been wanting to make adjusts to my portfolio and I'm at a loss for specific investments.  I'm sitting on a large cash position right now (Roughly 45%) and he feels like he's doing me a dis-service by taking a quarterly commission for doing very little with regard to managing.  I completely understand his thought process. 

Oh, did I mention I've known him since I'm five years old and he's one of my dearest friends?

While I know how many feel here about what our future holds financially for us, I've towed the line and bought physical gold and silver and kept the cash, like I already mentioned. 

I think I'm ready to dip some toes in something new, BUT it has to be the right thing.  I'm a sustainability freak and I've tried to give him sectors and industries to research, but I'm not sure he's "getting" me completely. 

I'm also trying very hard to not ruin an important personal relationship as well.

As a long-time practicioner of Permaculture and an avid follower of Jim Kunstler, I'd really like to find some investment vehicles that fall into the following buzzword categories of:

     sustainable agriculture

     sustainable transportation (I'm a big believer in the resurgence of rail)

     smart growth

     alternative energy (not just your typical solar, geo, wind funds either)

     "slow money"

     bartering networks


     ...and anything else tangetically related that I'm missing

Some things I've already mentioned to him he's put through some pretty harsh evaluation processes and had negative reactions to, since he doesn't want to subject me to undue risks, but then again, how can some of the best ideas flourish without a little faith and money behind it?

Anyway, any advice, guidance or perspective anyone's kind enough to provide here would be greatly appreciated.



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Some ideas...

I don't know where you are or how much you have to invest, but given your preferences, I'd suggest you look locally rather than 'the markets'. Any small businesses near you that will make your community more resilient if they only had investors? Any local energy co-ops, organic growers, bike shops/mechanics? Of course, as a permie I'm sure you've put as much as you can into nut trees already ;-)

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CisternThis may or may not


This may or may not help in a general way.  Macs' advice is good if you are comfortable with the risk.  Your list is good, but hard to put money into.


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