aging parents and retiring

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aging parents and retiring

Do any of you have thoghts related to spending or not spending time with your parents as they get old and die?

I have been bouncing off and on of the standard 4% rate of utilization of retirement savings.  I am 55 years old and have a high paying job that I feel I am being phased out of.

On one hand I feel that I should stick it out and suck as much money from MegaCorp as I can, but I also wonder if I will regret not spending more times with my parents and not possibly helping them with their "bucket list" given that I may have the financial resourses to do so.

So my dilema is, hating my job, yet highly paid and not necessarily maxing out my SSI, would the opportunity to spend some last minute quality time with my parents tip me over the scale.  Keeping in mind the melt down of the economy?

Not an easy question, but any advice will be appreciated.


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Hi Joe, While I can offer no

Hi Joe,

While I can offer no financial advice whatsoever, I thought my experience may be of some relevance to you.

At 43 years of age, I left my highly paid job in the fashion industry at the beginning of this year - in fact it was a decision to break off a career that probably would have been very profitable for many years (depending of course on how the world's financial system holds out!).  It was not a decision that I came about easily as my husband's freelance career hardly provides us with a stable income, but after 20 years of working myself to bad health and high stress levels for an industry that only helps destroy our earth's precious resources and promotes inequality across the globe, my conscience wouldn't allow me to stay any longer.

6 months later I can tell you it was the best thing I have ever done.  When you get out of the rat race you realize how much you don't need - in fact being released from the pressure to stay "up-to-date" is incredibly empowering.  Whatsmore, it is so much easier to see what is really important in life - relationships both family and local.  Along with studying for a Postgrad Diploma in Sustainability, quitting has given me the time to see my mother-in-law in hospital everyday here in Tokyo and also visit my family in Australia for some important celebrations that I probably would have had to miss had I still been working.  Who would have guessed that getting to know your mother-in-law more deeply could be so satisfying!  In addition, getting to know my neighbours and build relationships in this tiny part of one of the world's largest cities has been so rewarding - local community is there waiting to be found!  Although we are careful with our money I have never felt richer.

So I think that if your heart is telling you to leave your job to send time with your parents I would say it is the right thing to do.  Resilience is not all about money.

All the best for whatever you decide to do!


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Re: Aging Parents & Retiring

Perhaps you might want to have this conversation with your parents. This website really isn't a self help site but rather a treasure chest of information. There are a lot of details not in your post like what kind of health are your parents in, have they asked for your help, do they want you to quit your job and take care of them? As a Grandmother I would tell my kids to get completely out of debt, become as resiliant as possible, have a "Plan B" and don't use me as an excuse to quit your job. Helping someone with their bucket list is far different than taking care of someone in Hospice. Go back to your kitchen table due your personal homewok.

Alaska Granny

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