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Thr tutorials for the new website didn't work on my ipad so I am still learning how to use the new website. I thought the "Ad Follower" mean't I would have access to the responses of individuals that I think are particularly relevant and insiteful. No such luck. What happens when i click "Ad Follower" does a message go to the person I want to follow letting them know I am following them (like I am a groupie)? I am too old to be a groupie but I certainly would like to have access to the responses of some of my favorite contributors. Please advise.

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AKGrannyWGrit, the "Add

AKGrannyWGrit, the "Add follower" option means that you will see the posts the selected user makes on the site on your personal "My Account" page.  As an example, if I select to follow you and then visit my account page at, I will see your posts in my activity stream.

This becomes a quick and easy way to follow the posts and activities of favorite contributors. No message is sent, you just immediately will start to see the activities of others on your account page.

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