6 trillion in fake US bonds?

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6 trillion in fake US bonds?

Over the weekend, the Swiss authorities have confiscated 6 trillion (with a T) in fake US bonds:


I don't know what you think but something doesn't sound right with this story. Treasury bonds of that face value are not available to the public and only to foreign governments. Moreover $6 trillion is higher than the amount held by the Chinese government, which is the United States' largest creditor nation.

A fraud that large doesn't make any sense since it would guarantee the fraudster to be caught.This would be like trying to sell a fake Da Vinci's Mona Lisa on the black market.

This is not the first time that something like this happens:


Please note that last time, the authorities release the two japanese suspects even though the bonds were fake.

Something really doesn't pass the smell test with these stories...

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Dunno what the real story is...

...but among other "WTF?"-type details, the bonds are dated 1934.  Dunno what exactly the total amount of bonds in circulation amongst all govs worldwide was that year, but I bet $6T is the larger number.  So whoever thought they were going to pass these babies off to anyone at all must've had a very dumb buyer in mind.

More details here:




Strange days, indeed...

Viva -- Sager


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Who writes this stuff?

This morning I listened to half of the Main Stream Media's news in Australia.

Up front and centre in importance was ex-prime minister Rudd used a rude word.

The other thing we obsess about is who is doing what with his willie.

It is my impression that the MSM reflects societies underlying subconscious horrors and desperately seeks distraction. Society and it's media are petrified with terror.

Do you remember the Garbage Warrior video I posted? The gorgeous Jewish lawyer advised her client not to mention climate change, peak oil or any reality. She was an excellent shepardess. She knew her sheep. Hence the "War on Terror". The true leaders of our societies (?)are Terrified.

and  disarming of the population.

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