56 trillion deficit =184,000 grand per person

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56 trillion deficit =184,000 grand per person


About Us
As soon as Owen and Payne learned from their friends at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation that each American carries a debt of $184,000 on top of their taxes, they were on the case – explaining why that is and what can be done to pay down these debts.
Few taxpayers are aware of their personal debt burden, their share of the federal government’s obligations and unfunded promises, which include:
Social Security
Publicly held debt, civilian and military retirement benefits, and other liabilities and miscellaneous exposures
Many of you may be surprised to learn that you owe anything at all!
As a result of this sobering reality, Owen and Payne have made it their mission to alert you about your portion of the debt and offer services to help you reduce it. As tax preparation experts, Owen and Payne specialize in Form 483000, the new tax form that calculates your personal share of our real national debt. We guarantee that there’s no other firm in the country with our expertise in filing out this form.

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