45 min Crash Course on DVD

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45 min Crash Course on DVD


Has there been any news on the 45 minute version of the Crash Course on DVD? I have watched the Crash Course myself but the 3 hour version is just too long to show to family and friends.


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I'd very much like to know

I'd very much like to know this too - either a DVD or downloadable version so I can show it where there's no computer or net connection available.

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45-min. Crash Course

There's a 45-min. PAL version in the CM store:


Many DVD players and computer can play it...

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45 Minute Crash Course

I have the 45 minute version of the Crash Course on DVD and I very much like it.  Chris' presentation feels very polished and it feels more personal than the original 3 hour version I watched several years ago.

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