3800 Paper currencies do not exist anymore

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3800 Paper currencies do not exist anymore


one of the points that fascinated me most were the 3,800 paper currencies, that have already failed. Where does this number come from? Is there a link to a study, or a resource with all these currencies? It would be a major help to me.


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Re: 3800 Paper currencies do not exist anymore

"In 1836, the Second Bank of the United States passed into histroy.  Banking and money creation passed to state-chartered private banks where with a minimum of regulation, a prolifereation of one thousand six hundred banks issued over seven thousand varieties of paper currency with over thirty thousand varieties of colors and designs. Source U.S. Treasury.  All this paper currency was issued as interest-bearing notes promising to pay gold or silver"

Modern Money Secrets page 140-141 - Byron Dale.

According to Byron Dale's research the number is actually much higher.

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Re: 3800 Paper currencies do not exist anymore

I got my information from Bill Bonner's work, and the 3,800 number is not a firm count and, most likely, a very low number depending on how one counts.  I can't recall if I got this from Financial reckoning Day or one of his numerous articles, my guess would be the latter.

Just google it and I am sure you'll have it in no time.  It's a pretty widely repeated bit of work of his.

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