2012 Gold Sovereign in UK ... Good Buy?

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2012 Gold Sovereign in UK ... Good Buy?

 Hi all

I have foolishly been putting off purchasing some gold for a while now but really feel that I need to buy some pretty damned quick now as I can see things going to pieces very quickly when TSRDHTF.

Question for you : I am thinking that buying some 2012 Gold Sovereigns would be a good idea.  I live in the UK and they are CGT and VAT free. They are small and so that may be used for trading for goods etc. if necessary.  I was thnking of buying from BullionByPost.

I would appreciate some advice as I dont want to buy these only to learn that I would have better off with Eagles, Kugererrands or even Sovereigns.



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 I think you may as well

 I think you may as well buy the cheapest 'old' sovereigns you can get your hands on. They have the same amount of gold in them as 2012 ones.

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Gold coins

 I would buy some silver coins too. (maples, silver eagles etc) as the lower value would be better for trade. gold coins would be a good way to hold onto larger wealth to try and get it through the financial tsunami about to sweep most people away...

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Remember: Long John Silver

 I agree with mryuri,

Silver is "less" expensive and therefore much easier to spend or trade for smaller things like foodstuffs...

If things really get dicey, would you rather have fewer very valuble coins or many more less valuble coins?

Some of each makes good sense, pun intended, especially for trading...

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