2010 US Census

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2010 US Census

Today is April 1st, census day in the USA. There’s been some talk about the census asking intrusive questions which are none of the government's business and not supported by the constitution.  I‘ve heard a lot of things about how people are going to answer the census so I want to propose the question to the US citizens in the CM community.  How are you going to answer the US censes?

 The two major answers I’ve heard are:

(1) It's not a big deal.  After all, it has fewer questions than the last one 10 years ago. I’ll just fill it out and send it in.

(2) I’ll only answer name, address and number of people in the household because that’s what the constitution allows and I don’t trust the government. (After all, the 1940 census data was to be kept private and the government ended up using it to find and intern Japanese citizens during WWII.)

 What has this to do with the 3Es?  Well, when the economy collapses there will be civil unrest and confusion. I would expect that under a panic, that some governments (Fed, state and/or local) will overstep their authority.  Somewhere along to way, citizens may need to draw a line in the sand* and refuse to go along with the laws based on their principals. Although I believe the current census is unconstitutional, I’m not sure taking a stand here is the right choice.

 What say y’all?


* For those of you not familiar with Texas history. Those who took a stand at the Alamo in the fight for Texas independence did so after Colonel Travis took out his sword and drew a line in the sand. According to witnesses, he told them that the mighty Mexican army was going to attack them with overwhelming odd but he would rather die fighting for independence than surrender.  He asked for volunteers to cross over the line and join him in defending their freedom.  All but one man crossed over.  All who defended the Alamo that day were killed.  However, their deaths became the rallying cry for the next big battle in which the Texans won their independence from Mexico and became their own country.  That famous cry of “Remember the Alamo” is stilled remembered today.


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Re: 2010 US Census

It is in the constitution to enumerate the people,  is it the questions of race and ethnicity that make it unconstitutional in your mind?


Have you heard about India's??  They are fingerprinting EVERYBODY!  and starting out a new national ID system.  Ours is nothing compared to that.

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Re: 2010 US Census

Yeah.  India's census is appalling.  Everyone over a certain age fingerprinted and photographed.

Still, I find the U.S. census invasive.  Why does the government have an interest in who I choose to live with?  Still, I find it far more intrusive for a census worker to come waltzing down my 1/4 mile driveway unannounced.  So, I sent in the form.   I'm also not interested in being pegged in some database and fined for not fully completing the damn thing.

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Re: 2010 US Census

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Re: 2010 US Census

Mr Fri-

My opinion is on #2, but at the same time I do think that you have to pick your fights with care.  In my own case I got the Census form AND the Census' American Community Survey to fill out.  My wife read me some of the questions over the phone, and while both of us found a handful of the questions more intrusive than we like none of them elicited a "what the hell?" outraged response.  Really, my only beef is that they make it mandatory... if they presented everything aside from names, address, and number of occupants as optional I wouldn't have a problem with it.  In my own case I'm not telling them anything the federal gov't doesn't already know (my prior employment had involved background checks), so we decided to fill out the forms.  This is just my opinion, but as far as federal encroachment on our lives goes I think there are issues that are far more pressing priorities than the questions on these census forms, and I'd rather spend my energy concerning myself with those.  I can respect if others feel differently about it though.

That being said, IF there we're some "WTF" questions like "do you own firearms and how many?", "do you have an incurable communicable disease and what is it?", or "what is your religion?" and things like that, then I would definitely have serious issues about what they plan to do with this information.

- Nickbert

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