WE WANT YOUR INPUT: What content are you most interested in?

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WE WANT YOUR INPUT: What content are you most interested in?

Every year or so, Chris and I like to pause and ask the Peak Prosperity audience: What are you most interested in?

We do our best to stay on top of the issues we think are most important and deliver the most useful insights we can. But it helps to check in with you to make sure we're on track with what you care about.

What topics/issues/subjects would you most like to see this site focus on in 2019? What insights are you hungriest for?

Please let us know in the Comments section below.

This will be a 2 part process: I'll collate the results and put the top ~10 into a survey, in which I'll ask you to rank these leading topics by priority. That way, we'll have a clear sense of what the Peak Prosperity audience interests are.



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Some suggestions

Some suggestions:

  • Continue the exploration of, current state of and trends with regard to environment (including climate change), energy and economy (including demographics, sociocultural, and political movements).
  • Scenarios, early warning, systems and approaches for further analysis.
  • Practical how to's that work around physical and mental resilience (short-, medium-, longer-term).
  • Trailblazers with regard to environment, energy, economy. Some ideas https://www.tomorrow-documentary.com/
  • Making sense and the necessary transition/ paradigm shift we'll have to go through as individuals and society. Thinkers like Daniel Schmachtenberger, Ken Wilber, Jordan Hall, Jordan Peterson
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Refresh and systematize old content

One thing I'd love to see is a refresh/reemphasis on old content that's still applicable.  You guys do a pretty good job of this already by back-linking old posts.  But I'd like a conscious effort to systematize it and make it actionable to break the elephant down into little bites.  The current system of posts, while excellent, is a bit scattershot when viewed as a body of work.  Maybe a PDF "start here" or "action items" guide that breaks the tasks into tiers. Pretty sure I've seen something along these lines, but again, it gets lost in the sea of content. 

The reason this is fresh in my head is that just last night I was digging up the LDS cannery post, which I believe was from 2014.  Here it is, almost 5 years later, and I'm still saying "yeah I should do that."  Regardless, many of the links, and all of the pictures, did not work. 

Interestingly, based on my research last night, you can order cases of #10 cans from the LDS store now, and not need to make the pilgramage to a cannery that may be a few hours away.  Of course this misses out on the social/knowledge capital part of the trip, but at least you get some 30 year cans of rice and beans today, for a reasonable price.

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What's Next

I think some of the prominent alternative media thinkers who have solid factual historical knowledge and a positive frame of mind need to  come together in a symposium directed at "What's Next".

the symposium would:

-summarize the core issues threatening the world and the future (include all the E's)(and include the full spectrum of awareness -- (let the participants red-pill themselves on the really dark elements of reality if they dare - present "stratefied awareness"

-give participants a framework in which to evaluate their own roles/participation/responsibility for what goes on now

-Link this to options for learning about a eco-centered - cosmology of God and the communities of persons learning and living that radical change

-give participants a pragmatic summary and links to personal lifestyleoptions/  practical training / information /communities to support individual and community change

-Have these thinkers propose the best ideas for: - what replaces the fiat money system, how we transition to restorative agriculture, how we transiton to renewable energy, how we recover local and regional autonomies, how we build a cooperative society (e.g service expectations), how we uncouple corporate power from political power,  how we gard against the rise of political power dynasties (e.g. term limits), how we legislate non-descriminatory empowerment instead of entitlement (Broadly what incentives to we create that create the future we want to pass on to future generations) etc --

-make all this readily accessible to the very broadest of audiences


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Don't forget Canadians.

I very much enjoy all the information available at Peak Prosperity but I wonder how many of your readers/subscribers live in Canada?  Being Canadian myself, I would appreciate an occasional Canadian perspective and would enjoy seeing the odd discussion/report on what's happening here.  Things such as our truly massive housing bubble and what the repercussions of that might be.  I'm sure that would also be of interest to your US subscribers, seeing our economy and life in general is so closely linked with that of the US.  It would also be good to hear what we Canadians can do from an economic resiliency perspective, as well and how our banks or government might react in a financial panic.

Othewise, Climate, financial warnings and the reporting of all things not covered by the main stream media continue to be very much appreciated.

I also love the webinars when they come up but most of them are too expensive for me to take advantage of.  Just a thought, could they not be offered well after the fact, free to paid subscribers? I think it would broaden their appeal.



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Suggest a Three Es dashboard

Perhaps only for members, or in a freemium split, provide dashboards for each of the three Es that are comprised of (close as possible to real time) data most pertinent to us critically minded.  Not just a simple, convenient repeat of other data sources, but framed/analyzed for the indicators of both short term and longer term problems, or inflection points, in each of the three Es.


Economy – there are many start-ups in the fintech area providing financial data via web APIs that could be used to construct and publish (near) real time along dashboard-like early-warning indicators.  Add some good, frequently updated, dataviz/finviz to capture the most salient points you and Chris most often make.  Chris’ car sales and various loan delinquency figures in his latest ‘Fed stooges’ update worked well as they were timely and easily refuted Powell's answers!

Perhaps also include some subset (syndicated?) data from the likes of DiMartino Booth (BLM analysis stuff), Peter G Foundation (public debt), Shadowstats (realistic inflation numbers for Maslow layer 1 and 2 items), etc.  Of course, need to look for international equivalents. Probably only for premium members.


Energy – A good example would be EIA data (fracking especially) and compare contrast to hyperbole from IEA and some of that directly from oil companies, etc.  If there are indicators that peak fracking is likely early next decade, then is huge hint as to when to start expecting the worst.


Environment – Haven’t thought enough about this one yet to make specific dashboard suggestions or list illustrative examples.  I will come back later and add once I do.


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Universal basic income

Specifically the type proposed by presidential candidate Andrew yang. Could this be a remedy to help the 99 percent left behind by QE?

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I frequently check out the Daily Digest to read interesting articles. I also look at Google News but it's obvious the articles included in the feed are biased. I'm interested in Ideas on finding accurate (truthful) news stories.

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Individual solutions

More focus on the practices/solutions that individuals can actually apply to their lives. Less interested in large collective solutions that require acts of congress or complete overhalls of the entire monetary system.

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Thanks for asking!

Honestly, I can't offer an opinion on what might reach more people.  But here's what I'm hungry for. 

I want discussions, interviews, insights and practices that ever deepen our ability to be present with all of this.  It seems to me that missing emotional capital and spritual resource, for lack of better terms, is one of the most limiting choke points in our ability as a species to grok the situation.

How do we become a people who can face the potential end of pollinators, the acidification of oceans, or the math of fossil fuel extraction, for example, and not be incapacitated by grief/terror/hoplessness?  This is a skill set I want to develop, preferably together.  I know some things about this, and so do you all. 

The way you show your love, sadness and fear for the world that carries us is a great model Chris.  Clearly many posters resonate. I'd like to hear even more from people who have insights about working with our own resident love, grief, terror and joy.  How about those who have gained ground in remaining awake and effective even while facing the epic uncertainty over the future of our own habitat?  These are foundational skills, IMO.  They go so deeply and beautifully into the existential core of having a human experience on this planet. They are not so much all that good stuff about being able to survive an EMP attack or monetary collapse.  They are how we might become wise and enough to build a world worth inheriting.

That leads to my last request - that we have a designated space on PP for building the new narrative.  There, we would accept the predicaments that get so much disccussion as givens, and look instead at what foundational values, skills, social agreements, ways of making a living in cooperation with biosphere, etc. might belong in the new narrative of human beings on planet Earth. We could go there to celebrate successes in embodying this new/old/as yet unknown way of being human, share mistakes and lessons learned, build foundations.



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"Super" Grand Solar Minimum

Any news on Professor Valentina Zharkova, her team of scientists, and weather patterns or changes that relate to their work is very interesting. Presenting updates in the "Daily Digest" works very well. Until I learn otherwise, this ranks right there with Peak Prosperity research into information as to the world we live in and the world we will have.

Thank you Peak Prosperity. I have never had the close eye on the world we live in as I do now.

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More headbanging

We often speculate about TPTB being clueless, ignorant, or - by contrast - maybe deviously strategic in the execution of their policies. I'd like to see more interviews with those opposed to our ideas. Generally Chris' interviewees high calibre, but they largely conform to our ethics and collective mindset on this site.

I'm not suggesting these interviews because I love witnessing confrontation, or because I want Chris to age prematurely. I would just like to hear senior policymakers argue their cases using their supported 'data', or else demonstrate respectful and credible - repeat, credible - opposition to Chris' well-researched and well-reasoned data.

These sorts of debates might just also reveal the thinking of some of the people who are driving us towards the edge of the cliff, and what their plan Bs might be, especially if they're jaw-dropping, hitherto unknown options. Being able to confront the sources of approaching dangers is part of the process of building resilience - keeping friends close & enemies closer and all that.

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I understand your reasoning Locksmithuk but I have to ask ..... Really?

I say that because for years I have been delivering the CC message to most anyone who expresses an interest including my county supervisors, state representatives (rarely), businessmen, educators and so on and it does not take long to understand that when "senior policymakers argue their cases using their supported 'data', or else demonstrate respectful and credible- repeat, credible - opposition to Chris' well-researched and well reasoned data." that you are generally listening to a parrot who is simply repeating a story line.

So with all due respect, I recommend we not ask Chris to use his time doing that. I truly think it would be, as you so aptly put it ........ "more headbanging". I don't mean this to be a snub, just my $.02 cents.


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One other thought.

It seems there may be some move afoot to transition to a new global reserve currency, possibly encompassing SDR subsitution fund?  Though that may be fought by the US. Some discussion on this may be helpful.  How would it work?  Where would physical gold stand in the mix?  What would be the repercussions to the general population?  Easy to understand (for those of us that aren't too enaged in the complex world of financial instruments) would be helpful.

Thanks for all your hard work,


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Yep, really
ckessel wrote:

I understand your reasoning Locksmithuk but I have to ask ..... Really?

..... I truly think it would be, as you so aptly put it ........ "more headbanging". 


Yep, really. My nature of my professional life often puts me in conflict with others, and I find that the resultant discussions educate both parties about the other. An insightful question can lead to a revelation about an opponent's position which might just give a valuable inkling about something momentous around the corner.

In all honesty I'm not interested in the "county supervisors, state representatives, businessmen, educators" which you mention. I don't expect them to be 'in the know' but I do expect them all nevertheless to parrot their well-worn storylines.... for this reason these discussions would no doubt be a waste of time. I'm talking about those much higher up in the foodchain.

And I meant headbanging not in the sense of banging against the walls, but in the sense of opposing intellects and arguments.

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individual / immediate community solutions

I'll second the motion for more individual solutions and add our immediate community solutions as well.   As we've mentioned repeatedly, the larger the problems (and corruption) the more we will turn to our immediate surroundings and neighbors for answers, help, trust, and protection. Withing that greater framework, it would be nice to expand on:

(1) food and nutrition - immediate food systems that are healthy, efficient, resilient, self- sustaining yet networked to some immediate community surrounding. This site has already done some good work in that area but there are a great variety of solutions out there and with peak everything including population, food will be at the forefront of the crisis - and the forefront of keeping things under control. Nutrition is also vital in a world (or country) with a rapidly declining health care system that's almost as corrupt as the financial system.

(2) Bartering or any other local networked systems that use real things and real services instead of digits, dollars, or bankers. Along with services, this may likely include food, seeds, spices, herbs, and, if history is any measure, alcohol. 

(3) shelters, growing and living systems that are healthy, compact, flexible and use natural insulation, passive solar, geothermal and other ways that make common sense and may be absolutely necessary pretty soon. 

(4) community systems at small scale (outside of the web) that participate in information sharing, instruction, cooking, entertainment, protection, food production, and a host of other possibilities    


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Basel III, LIBOR-->SOFR transition 2021, Lynette Zang interviews

Thanks for asking! I would appreciate PP information and perspectives on: 

the "Basel III" banking changes relating to gold valuation apparently taking effect March 29/April 1, 2019;

the phase-out of the London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR) to the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) by 2021-- transitions and potential impacts (an estimated $350 trillion+ in derivatives, loans, mortgages, commercial paper and other debt is tied to LIBOR);

and two interviews with Chris and Lynette Zang (ITM Trading) regarding

1) the pending economic "reset" (wealth transfer), the role of monetary metals (gold and silver), and the ACC Chain/digitization of assets potential role in the movement towards a cashless society; and 

2) what Lynette is doing personally to survive and thrive the reset (e.g., "stacking" physical precious metals, building community, growing her aquaponics/food forest urban homestead).

Regarding all of the above, please suggest some specific, actionable, practical strategies that the "average" (i.e., non-one-percenter) can employ to build resilience.





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Deep dive into collapse scenarios

I’d love to see various insights into the different ways the collapse might play out. 


For example: depesssion, hyper inflation, dollar losing reserve status, then what? Are we most likely going to have power grid failures then? If so what size communities are best situated? 

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The master resource

I have the sense that Chris understands our energy situation better than he lets on. I would love to see a deeper dive into the numbers. There are lots of moving parts in the oil story and lots of hyperbole surrounding shale field production. Can Chris parse the thruth? My guess is that the FED can not kick the can past declining production?

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Build out vision of a desirable future

I really appreciate the 3E's and 8 Forms of Capital models.  They have proven to be helpful framework in my own thinking and planning as well as in talking with others.  Your What Should I Do section has been a particularly helpful and practical guide.  Thank you for developing and building on these core models in your PP presentations. 

Your continuing emphasis on, first, developing individual and family resilience, then, building out a desirable future lifestyle is helpful guidance.  Resilience preparations for myself and my immediate family are substantially in place (although some refinements and additions continue, and always will).  I find myself ready to work on building a desirable future in my local community.  I know that it means modifying my lifestyle and assisting like-minded neighbors to build their own resilience and future.  To do this, I need to develop a more robust vision of what thriving in a radically changed environment might look like.  I could sure use your help in doing this task effectively.

A recommendation: In terms of building emotional and spiritual capital, you might consider applying Motivational Interviewing in our job of building community.  MI was developed in clinical work with individuals having addictions problems.  MI is based on understanding what drives an addict rather than confronting his/her shortcomings.  Solid research shows this approach to be much more effective in facilitating change than the old confrontation approach.  My fledgling efforts to use this method of using questions to build understanding have shown it to be a helpful approach.  I'd like to know more and to build MI skills. If MI sounds lto you ike a promising tool in building community, you might want to contact MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers) at [https://motivationalinterviewing.org/trainer-listing?practice-area=All&firstname=&surname=&country=All&field_profile_state_value=Massachusetts&services=Introductory+Training] to contact appropriately trained consultants.

Thanks for all you're doing!



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Second Rob’s suggestion

In Florida we are building new and bigger roads faster than you can imagine.  The people running the show act like endless energy is available.  This ends badly.

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action jackson

I'm a strategy consultant so I'm a sucker for frameworks and models-- really appreciate the 3E's and 8 Forms of Capital. I also know most strategies fail in the execution phase. To help us help ourselves perhaps extend the Prosper! book layout more literally to the site so the forums, webcasts, etc. are more clearly aligned to the 8 forms of capital. Extending that idea, an onsite self assessment of the 8 forms of capital could create a dataset for PP to accelerate and amply content while we the users more easily self organize/select action oriented content. The real estate webinars are working form me in terms of cost and value. I raised this topic with the 'preffered financial advisor' and feedback was 'prices are high' so layed low but am now motivated again thanks to Real Estate guys.  Finally, based on my Prosper! book club experience (my experiment in social capital!), most struggles are with emotional, social capital; there was less interest in slogging through 3E's because they knew in their bones the situation is dire.

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The green New Deal

Financier Jim Rickards has the exact analysis on the green New Deal in his latest newsletter. He claims that this will result in a hyperbolic inflation without question. It would be well worth it to get your hands on this

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The green New Deal

Financier Jim Rickards has the exact analysis on the green New Deal in his latest newsletter. He claims that this will result in a hyperbolic inflation without question. It would be well worth it to get your hands on this

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Steven Kelso
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Polishing the Narrative & Fourth Industrial Revolution

I really appreciate Chris's new green-screen videos. I think adding those types of touches to presentations about the 3E's and 8 Forms of Capital would gain more attention by mainstreet folks who need to hear those messages. I'm not saying spend $1M on a video like Mike Maloney, but keep up what you're experimenting with now.

Personally, I love the way you folks juxtapose the cutural myths to the cultural realities, especially on topics like EROEI. It woud be great if you could take that kind of dissection and apply it to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There's a lot of talk about how it will "change everything" (something like four Forbes articles about it in the past week) but forgive me if it sounds like another scientismistic fantasy. What are your thoughts on the 4IR and all the hullabaloo about it's ramifications.

Also, what are your thoughts on alternatives to the current monetary system, or even more radical: alternatives to having any monetary system?

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Wayne Grow
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I’d like to see more actionable scenario evaluation/discussion.I think this would be helpful for folks wrapping a lot of the PP concepts together. Maybe similar to an OffTheCuff format where Chris and a guest  assume a certain given( say assuming 10 more years of more of the same how would you position yourself? vs conditions starting to look like 2007/8 again what would you do differently this time?). Perhaps another approach would be an online book club with rolling analysis as members make their way thru the chapters—for example I’d love to hear Chris / Adam and the PP community chime in on the different chapters of a book like Patriots by J Rawles.

cheers all and thanks for listening 

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Two Ideas

Fixing our polical process:

This video was posted here on PP by another member: 

And this is their website:  https://anticorruptionact.org/

Maybe see if Chris can do an interview with them.


Climate Change and slowing of the AMOC:

Maybe see if Chris can do an interview with Paul Beckwith.  I watch his youtube videos weekly.  He's kinda nerdy, but really seems to know his stuff about climate change.

Website: https://paulbeckwith.net/




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Quercus bicolor
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This is the organization behind the anticorruption act.  I volunteered for them and donated during the last election campaign.  Everything ballot initiative they supported ended up passing with the exception of one in South Dakota.  In my opinion, they're doing an excellent job of aiming for one of the main roots of the problem.

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Trends and positions

Identify and explain the most salient trends-political,social,environmental and especially economic-and postulate practical ways that the “average Joe” can position himself so as to be-as Felix Zulauf put it-“not where lightening strikes” when the storm engulfs us all.

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How Might a Future Sustainable Local (or World) Economy Work?

Peak Prosperity has done a great, one of a kind, job in both putting forward perspectives focusing on the massive, impending predicaments of our time due to problems with the Three E's, Energy, Economy and the Environment, and on building individual and family resilence in the face of the likely disruptions to come due to them.  Making local families and economies as resilient, protectable and sustainable and building community to support them seems key.  As part of its perspective, the site has also often been great at criticizing what's wrong with the status quo, and impractical proposals to address the problem.  But as someone who's been an activist and investment manager involved in thinking about and working on 3 E problems at a social level on and off for decades, it's long been clear to me that it's much easier to criticize the status quo and proposed improvements to it made by others than it is expose yourself to potential criticism by exploring or proposing possible significantly different ways to adapt (not 'solutions') at a community and larger level.  And if we're to do much more than prepare for and endure collapse, we have to be ready to consider radical changes.   That's why I was encouraged to see PP's joining the GND discussion with constructive criticism and positive proposals, recognizing that it's an entree to that important, wider discussion with give and take.  No one has all the answers. Real give and take requires openness, respect and thought.

I've been reading through The Future is Rural from the Post Carbon Institute, and thinking that, as disruption from the upcoming predicaments roil back through society, it's clear the Great Simplification will have many aspects that are like a return to our more agrarian past.   But just returning to the past will be an unbelieveable humanitarian disaster in the current massively overpopulated human ecology, globalized infrastructure, with its current political, economic structure based on corruption and inequality in control of resources.

To what extent can me preserve and make use of scientific, social, cultural and technical knowledge we've gained as the world industrialized in the last couple of centuries?  How can we remake our community 'goverance', economies at whatever level can be sustained - local, regional, national, international - so that the incentives are aligned with desired outcomes, so corruption is minimized and spiritual connection and community is maximized, so that the wealth inequity is lessened, more people have freedom and a real stake, share in the real wealth of our world and ecosystems and say in how they're managed?

There is a lot of thinking out there that Peak Prosperity hasn't begun to tap.  Some more interesting and feasible than others, but I'd like to hear more about them.  For example, what's going on with Steady State Economics these days?  This is an area of economics based on the notion that we need to design an adaptable steady state rather than infinite growth - what could that look like?  What are the implications?  There is also a lot of thinking about setting up economic structures that are more co-ops - worker owned companies in which the people in the company own it and make the over-arching business decisions.  There's a couple of different plumbing equipment companies in the nearby town that have very successfully operated for decades.  I talked to one of the employees as he loaded a heavy sump pump into my trunk.  He said retiring workers can cash out their equity shares for big six figure payouts or pensions in an era in which most workers retirement plans are disappearing.  The feeling inside the worker-owned shops is a little better than at Home Depot, where help is often tough to come by.  What are other ways to organize our communities at every level around spiritual connection?  Anyway, you get the idea.  

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Tap Into Peak Prosperity’s Community

This would be a bit like herding cats, but it might be very valuable to let Peak Prosperity members submit videos that provide information on their personal preparations, skills, problems they have overcome, wisdom they’ve gathered, etc.  Adam and Chris could pick the ones that have the best content, and post them for review by the Peak Prosperity community.  There are a lot of smart people here.  It would be great to see some of it rather than just read about it.  We all learn differently, and observation works well for many of us.  Let’s see what people are doing.

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