Upcoming Webinar Series: Real Estate Investing 101

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Upcoming Webinar Series: Real Estate Investing 101

As Chris and I mentioned several time in 2018, we're going to add a focus in 2019 on better educating the PP audience on real estate investing.

In our writings on Financial Capital, we've long advocated for transitioning out of paper assets and into tangible ones, as well as developing new income streams.

Real estate offers a time-proven opportunity to do both.

Are we saying now is the time to rush to buy real estate?


Far too many regions are still in highly over-valued territory.

But with the bursting of the Everything Bubble upon us, lower prices and better values are ahead.

So now is the time to start educating ourselves about the economics of real estate investing, the process for finding and evaluating opportunities, recruiting a team of supporting experts, the nuts & bolts of property ownership & management, etc. We want you well-positioned to act, should you choose to do so, when the environment is ripe.

To this end, we're producing a series of webinars focused on the practical steps for investing in real estate for safety and profit. These webinars will be led by Russell Gray and Robert Helms, aka The Real Estate Guys, who have decades of experience educating and training 'regular' people just like you on how to prudently invest in income-producing properties.

The first webinar will be free, and will take place Saturday February 9, 2019 at noon ET/9am PT.

Those able to participate live will have the ability to ask questions directly to Russ and Robert throughout the presentation.

Everyone else can watch the replay video, which will be sent afterwards to everyone who registers for this event, whether they watch live or not.


We're excited to be adding such useful content from such seasoned experts to the PP curriculum. We expect those interested in gaining exposure to income-producing real estate will find this of tremendous practical value.

See you on the webinar!


Adam & Chris

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