NEW SITE IMPROVEMENT: Please Provide Your Feedback

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Adam Taggart
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NEW SITE IMPROVEMENT: Please Provide Your Feedback

Veteran users of this site are likely (almost) as frustrated as I with the broken "Today's Markets" module on the front page.

It used to show the current prices for gold, silver, oil and the S&P 500. Right now, it's a broken display.

Some good news: that's getting fixed soon. A BETTER version should be in place before the end of December.

And here's more good news: the Today's Market's page that this module used to link to has been dramatically improved. And that's what I'd love your feedback on.

My goal with this page is to create a "one-stop shop" dashboard for Peak Prosperity readers to keep up on the major intra-day developments of the markets.

To be able to easily see what's going on with the major US and international stock and bond markets, commodities, exchange rates, forex and cryptocurrencies -- as well as key macro indicators, and a calendar of the week's upcoming important data releases.

So, please take a moment to check the page out. And if you have any positive or constructive feedback to offer, please let us know in the Comments section here below.

You can access the page directly via this link:

Or you can go to the (currently still broken) Today's Markets module on the front page and click the More Prices and Charts link.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!



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Adam Taggart
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Awfully quiet...

Any feedback on this new dashboard folks?

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New Dashboard is Lookin' Good

The new dashboard certainly is a big improvement.  I didn't realize the old one was serving broken/absent info to everyone, I thought it was just me!blush

The new one has a plethora of information, so much that it takes longer to load than a typical webpage for sure.  But it's organized in a "funnel-format, press release style" with the most general stuff at the top, then getting more grainular further down.  So I like it.

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I like it

This really shortens the time that it takes to get a broad look at the world's markets. It is all in one place.  Very handy.   (Previously I had a circuit of 5 websites that I would visit.)

I wonder if a link to the finviz S&P 500 "map" would be helpful, too?

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Didn’t like the old one so

Didn’t like the old one so never used it.  Would use the new one though.  Like the summary on top with details below.  


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10 yr bond

I would like to see the 10 year bond somewhere in the summary section.

Otherwise, looks good.

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Adam Taggart
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Nice to hear!

Thanks for the feedback so far -- nice to hear the new page sounds well-received.

q-botsy: The serving speed of this page should improve within the next few weeks, when we have caching for this page optimized.

sand_puppy: adding a link to the Finviz futures heat map will be easy to do.

Granny: glad you like it. My hope is that we all start using this page on a regular basis. If we aren't, then that's a sign it's not useful enough and needs more tweaking. So please, let me know if this indeed becomes part of your daily web surfing habits or not.

Keep the feedback coming!



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Adam Taggart
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special requests

hail: The summary module doesn't currently offer the option to include bond data.

But the development team for the service we're using seems to be listening to me when I make a special request asking for changes to their code. So I'll ask them to put adding Bond summary data onto their worklist.

As an FYI, I've also asked them to create a similar chart as they have for the US 10-year rate for LIBOR (which they don't offer yet). If they're able to create an API for that, I'll add a LIBOR chart to this page, too.

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Wayne Grow
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Like it

This is a nice improvement, thank you Adam. I would personally prefer to see gold listed right there on the default top -below the indices perhaps-so as not to have to push the commodities tab, but I get that is not as nicely organized. I still tend to use the yahoo finance page top bar as my daily market monitor because it seems to update/refresh rapidly and on exciting days it’s sometimes interesting to watch things change in real time- I am thinking I’d need to hit refresh with this format to see change. Lastly- as a long time user I have found that with rapidly dynamic EEE issues like melting reactors or markets that I should monitor the comment section of the most recent pertinent article on the site or the DD comments to get Dr M’s and other’s impressions of the daily/ hourly developments. Would there be a way to have a linked running comment thread on this page so that I’d be sure to be monitoring the right thread for daily development observations- some kind of central hub thread?

Exponential gratitude for all of your efforts

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It is a nice improvement

It is a nice improvement Adam. I meant to comment when it first appeared but as with many things these days .......... it went by the way!

I do check the reports daily, if not multiple times daily so having all of the information easily accessible is a big help. Nice work.


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Great resource

Looks great Adam... so nice to get all that information quickly and in one place.  It seems to work fine despite my browsers add and cookie blockers which sometimes play havoc with embeded pages.

Thanks for the continuing improvements.

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Great improvement

Hi Adam, Looking good , maybe add a couple of Australian indices where there is a vacant slot - just for those of us down under :-). As we tend to follow the US market what’s there is fine btw. Cheers H

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New dashboards
Adam Taggart wrote:

Awfully Quiet


Any feedback on this new dashboard folks?



Yes, it has been awfully quiet… well us foreigners were asleep when you launched your new toys!

Always grateful for the improvements / investments which you people at PP make in your site for our collective benefit. There’s a lot of work required at the back end. The page is one of the best improvements you guys have made in a bit – well done.

My 2c on the page itself [from top-to-bottom] -:

  1. Market Summary table: could do with a time reference i.e. are the displayed changes ones over a 24hr period? Most seasoned market readers would guess so, but newbies may not know;
  1. Market Summary table: any chance of adding a 4th tab for cryptos? Say the top 10 by capitalisation;
  1. Economic calendar: noice;
  1. Some tables aren’t updating [“Error retrieving data, please try later”], but this feed will no doubt be fixed.

As a final comment, I know Chris uses a traffic light dashboard on a single matrix, which provides a global view of different markets & indices in one hit. Any chance of including this, or is there too much overlap with the new gear on this page?

Thanks again.

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Mohammed Mast
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Very Nice

Vast improvement.

The only thing I might add would be the Baltic Dry Index.

It is one of my leading indicators on the global economy

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Gold ratios

How about gold / Dow ratio?

Gold / silver?

Gold / housing?

Thanks, Hail

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Slick. Like a lot. Well done and thanks. 

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Mixed feedback

Hi Adam

Love the concept.

Slow to load for me on windows PC and Android phone, also many of the tables return no data with an error message

Nice to see it features some Crypto (although all had errors), I remember requesting that previously.

How about World Population and/or countries with Aging Demographic?

Environmental measures, rainforest depletion?

Also new automobile sales and miles driven?



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Likewise... the concept but charts don't display for me in Firefox or Opera (because of uBlock Origin extension?) or IE (because of Adblock extension?).

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PP IP Address

The new page is great. It is this kind of thing which makes PP into a vital resource and is part of why I consider PP to be one of my essential sources of information. However, I worry that if things reach crisis status the government might try to shut down the internet by disabling the domain name servers (DNS).

In a (possibly vain) attempt to work around such a potential situation, I am making a list of the IP addresses of all the sites which I consider important. However, when trying to access PP directly by IP address I found out that direct access is not allowed because it is 'protected' by something called Cloudflare.

Does this mean that PP can only be accessed via DNS? How about a back door for subscribers?

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User Favorites

Hi Adam,

Would it be possible for users to be able to select certain charts as their "favorites" so they can view those at a glance instead of needing to scroll through so many?  I think that would be a nice upgrade.  Besides that, though, it's great.  It was a little slow to load but not so bad where I wouldn't use it.

- Aaron

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hail wrote: I would like to
hail wrote:

I would like to see the 10 year bond somewhere in the summary section. Otherwise, looks good.

A bonds tab would be nice. 

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Alternate dashboard

I don't have much interest or look at intraday movements on PP or other locations but I appreciate your housekeeping and customer servicing calories. Alternate idea: how about a canary-in-the-coalmine dashboard, refreshed monthly, that tracks key indicators or displays the 5-8 charts we see in the 'not yet but soon' econ crisis articles.

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Very cool

I had never used it before, the new one looks great, though a lot of the widgets returned "Error retreiving data", it may be due to using a VPN that exits in EMEA.  I will try it some time after disconnecting from the VPN.

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