James Howard Kunstler Is Joining Our NYC Summit

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James Howard Kunstler Is Joining Our NYC Summit

Big news!

James Howard Kunstler has just been added to the roster for our upcoming NYC Summit on Sep 16, 2018.

We're thrilled to have Jim joining us and David Stockman as a co-presenter for the day.

His grasp of our society's dependence on fossil energy is second-to-none, and his colorful articulation of our cultural shortcomings borders on the poetic. Jim is simply one of the best commentators alive today in America.

This exclusive, intimiate, 1-of-a-kind gathering in NYC just got even better.

So if you haven't registered for the event yet, what the heck are you waiting for?!?

Register now to join us.

Sunday, Sep 16, 2018 -- 10am-4pm EST


Adam & Chris

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robie robinson
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Dammit, I gotta find a way. Who wants to carpool?

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