1-MIN SURVEY: Upcoming Energy Predicament Webinar

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1-MIN SURVEY: Upcoming Energy Predicament Webinar

Chris and I are planning on producing our next webinar in early August/late September.

It will focus on the Energy Predicament.

This was one of the most-requested webinar topics from our survey of the PP audience earlier this year.

We'll explore questions such as:

  • What's the latest outlook for fossil fuel prices and supply?
  • What can we expect from alternative energy sources? Are there new discoveries/technological advances that may change the situation?
  • How fast is EROI falling, and when might it become a permanent barrier to economic growth -- or trigger social unrest?
  • What, specifically, should we expect if/when we enter into a perpetually low net energy future? Which of today's comforts (and essentials) will disappear first, and how quickly?
  • What opportunities are there today for investors to gain exposure to profitable energy plays, especially for those fuels expected to be high demand tomorrow?

...as well as address live questions submitted by the webinar audience.

Our guest experts for the event have already confirmed their excitement to participate:

  • Art Berman -- petroleum geologist with 37 years of oil and gas industry experience, and expert on U.S. shale plays. Consultant for several E&P companies and capital groups in the energy sector.
  • Alice Friedemann -- transporation expert and author of When The Trucks Stop Running
  • Bob Burr -- founder and president of Panther Exploration (Panex). Oil and gas well operator with over 40 years of experience in the industry.

The price to register and participate in this webinar will be $30.

Now, we haven't picked a final date & time yet for this webinar, and here's where we're looking for your help.

I've created a 1-minute survey, asking which time and day of the week would be most convenient for you. Could you please quickly let us know?

Just click the blue button below:

Once the results are in, we'll pick the day/time that was most convenient for the most people. And then we'll post an announcement on the site, letting folks (including you!) know how to register for the webinar.



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Please make sure there is a

Please make sure there is a recording available In case the time does not work.

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A question

Hi Adam,

As a monthly paid subscriber are we allowed access to past webinars or is there an additional fee to access those once they’ve finished?



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