Adam's Hidden Past

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Adam's Hidden Past

Here's a little-known moment from my past that even Chris didn't know:

20 years of iMac: Behind the scenes of Apple’s ‘Simplicity Shootout’ video

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Adam is Confused

...might have been the part I loved most about the ad :D. Funny that I remember seeing that add in English even if I didn't live in an English speaking country in 1998, but I had totally forgotten - like everyone else - what the names of those people were and just assumed that they were given some fake names for this ad like they tend to do with stock people (apology in advance if you find it insulting being called a "stock person").

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Adam’s Hidden Past

Dude that’s awesome.

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robie robinson
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A new hero!


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Have you wised up?

I hope you've jettisoned PC's in favor of iMacs. So simple a caveman could do it (to mix my metaphors).

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My favorite part

My favorite thing about this video is that Adam looks better now than he did 20 years ago. But maybe that’s just the 90’s clothing style

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When the Internet became well

When the Internet became well known my Dad wanted a computer so I got him a G3.   It was incredibly simple to set up and worth the money.   I moved to macs in 2006.   

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One element of the ad I find interesting is how slow-paced it is by today's standards. Watching it I find myself growing impatient and wanting it to "hurry up and get to the point." I doubt I would have felt that way about it in 1998. Our culture grows more and more restless and hyperactive and even though I consciously try to resist that influence, I'm only marginally successful at doing so.

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