11 Startling Forecasts for 2010

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11 Startling Forecasts for 2010

Found this to be an interesting read.


Monty Agarwal: Gentlemen, I know I’m new here and you wanted to save me for later, but there’s another factor — a factor so pertinent to this discussion … do you mind if I interject it here?

Martin: I don’t mind at all.

Monty: It’s the sovereign wealth funds, the giant national pension funds, which I track avidly. Not only have they grown dramatically in size — to as much as 3 trillion dollars — but with the dollar decline, they are now becoming far more aggressive in shifting out of the dollar and moving into alternatives — other currencies, other sectors, other continents, such as Asia. Most economists are greatly underestimating their impact. And most investors will probably miss the opportunity to follow their lead to some very profitable asset reallocations in 2010.

Martin: What happens next, gentlemen?



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