Is Bitcoin IRA approved for retirement accounts?

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Is Bitcoin IRA approved for retirement accounts?

Companies are now offering the option of "Bitcoin IRAs."

Are people now starting to do this?

Has the IRS approved Bitcoin for self-directed IRAs similar to Gold IRAs?

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approval not required

the whole point of a self directed IRA, is that you direct it yourself.

you don't need the IRS' approval, you can buy land, or gold, or bitcoin, or collectible firearms, or any other investment/speculation.

the main thing to be aware of, is that you have to be careful to keep records, and not to derive any personal benefit from the property in the IRA account until such time as it's disbursed. e.g., if you have a case of collectible wine, you don't drink the wine.

as always, consult your tax professional if you have any doubts.



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Bitcoin IRA

Hi Katara

I recently opened a ROTH IRA for bitcoin.  I used

It looks legit to me and it is run by the former director of the US Mint.  If bitcoin rises in price to compete with gold, having the non-taxed exit at those prices in very interesting.  If just 1% of gold were converted to bitcoin, the price would be around $7,000 each. I can see that happening knowing what I know *I started investing in bitcoin when it was under $50 over four years ago.

It's one of those crazy investments you have to just close your eyes because the drops and rises are exaggerated for a new asset class. We call ourselves "HODLers"  if we don't sell at any price. This stands for "Hold On For Dear Life."

Having it in an IRA makes that a lot easier as you can't rush to sell it in a panic drop. It has historically always risen again to new highs and in my opinion, for hundreds of reasons - it's just the start.


Not giving investment advice, just my view and sharing what I did, - hopefully, it helps.





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What is the BTC expense ratio

What is the BTC expense ratio for the IRA account?

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BTC IRA expense

For the Roth IRA the charge 15% upfront fee,

It is then $100 per year storage custody fee. Minimum 10k.  Held by Kingdom Trust with a 3-part multi-signature wallet segregated wallet with giving you read-only key access to verify and audit yourself in real-time. The keys are all held in cold storage and separated geographically. 


Does this help?


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