Dedicated to SandPuppy - Spiral Dynamics gets more attention.

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Dedicated to SandPuppy - Spiral Dynamics gets more attention.

Michael Krieger, a commentator whose voice I appreciate, has recently been extolling the virtues of Spiral Dynamics as a lens through which to view the ascendance (or not) of consciousness.  I have always felt that our shared search for the truth about our current predicament, and for a positive pathway out of it, would require waging a spiritual war.  Maybe though this is the wrong metaphor... maybe the new narrative comes about as a loving consciousness raising, led by folks like my forward looking pal SandPuppy. 

So, in dedication to Sandpuppy, a brutally intelligent yet gentle guide who I am glad to call friend, I present here a post by Micheal Krieger that contains within a series of posts he made earlier this week regarding spiral dynamics.  The comments are worth a read too...

.....What so desperately needs to be understood, from a developmental and evolutionary perspective, is that each major stage of development becomes a possible station in life for those who stop there, and there is nothing that can be done about that—except make sure that all the means of further development are made as widely available as possible (a core task of the leading-edge), and—just as importantly—making room in the society for individuals who are at each station of life (red, amber, orange, green, or integral), and douse the whole affair with outrageous amounts of loving kindness—and do so by example...... 


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ORANGE to GREEN Transformation Movie

My wife and I just returned from seeing the movie Hidden Figures.  It was absolutely wonderful and I would like to strongly recommend it.

The story is set on the NASA campus in 1962.  A group of 20 or so black women fill a room on the NASA campus where they do the computations.  The campus is segregated by race and gender.  The black women of the computing section have their own Colored Bathrooms, Colored Lunchroom and Colored Coffee Pot.

Three women in particular have exceptional brilliance in mathematics and engineering and with tremendous persistence, become essential members of the NASA team.  The pressure of the task of putting a man into orbit against a time deadline forces NASA to depend on the brilliance of these 3 women in ways that colored women would not normally be permitted.

In the process, the white men and women come to understand that they are human beings. 

Wonderful acting and story.

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