Your video on Ivermectin & Fauci

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    Your video on Ivermectin & Fauci

Yesterday (12/4/20) I watched your video on the recent Brazilian Ivermectin studies. I can share your enthusiasm.

But I am greatly dismayed by the highly unprofessional tone and substance of it regarding Dr. Fauci and others who have not advocated its use. Today I did a google search for “Ivermechtin controversy” and found the following article published by the BBC on July 11:


Unproven drug being widely sold in Latin America
There’s been surging interest in Latin America in a drug called ivermectin, approved for use against parasitic worms, to treat or prevent coronavirus, despite the lack of evidence.
A video posted by a Bolivian account labelled “Ivermectin can save you from Covid-19” featuring a Mexican pastor, has been shared 285,000 times and continues to circulate on Facebook.

Along with many other drugs, ivermectin’s effectiveness against Covid is being evaluated in clinical trials.
But the PAHO has said studies so far “were found to have a high risk of bias, very low certainty of the evidence, and that the existing evidence is insufficient to draw a conclusion on benefits and harms.”
Ivermectin “is incorrectly being used for the treatment of Covid-19” says the PAHO, “without any scientific evidence of its efficacy and safety for the treatment of this disease”.
Despite this, health officials in Peru, Bolivia and parts of Brazil have endorsed and administered the drug – and it has been widely sold.
“In the case of ivermectin, all corners have been cut”, says Dr Carlos Chaccour, Assistant Research Professor at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health.
“A combination of doctors and governments legitimately desperate to help” he says “plus the particular abundance of ivermectin in Latin America, help to explain why the drug has been so popular.”
Warnings have also been issued about the risks of a version of the drug designed for animals not humans that could do serious harm, which is being sold on the black market.
image captionAn association of doctors in Colombia has raised concerns about people self-medicating at home
Concerns about self-medication
By Luis Fajardo, BBC Monitoring
It is an ongoing source of concern for public health authorities in Latin American that bad advice is being given to the public to self-medicate with unproven treatments in both traditional and social media.
People across the region are also being confronted by seemingly contradictory messages from official sources.
As Latin American countries face a growing threat from the pandemic, and with desperation growing at the rising death toll, it’s perhaps not surprising the demand for “miracle cures” and simple, “do-it-yourself” remedies has been so high.
These claims are appearing not only in fringe social media groups but also – in some cases – on mainstream national media outlets.
Additional reporting by Juliana Gragnani, Olga Robinson and Shayan Sardarizadeh.


I draw your attention to the paragraph beginning “Along with many other drugs”. It states that authorities have raised concerns about bias in the research on this drug.

Apparently you did not do any research on this issue before presenting your diatribe. Is it possible that Fauci and others have not recommended Ivermectin because of this concern as well as concerns about side effects?

Given this context, it would have behooved you to investigate these issues, perhaps by giving Fauci an opportunity to explain his position and pursuing the misgivings expressed by other authorities. But instead you engaged in what can only be described as irresponsible character assassination through allusions to officials’ possible profit motives in their recommendations.

In light of these serious deficiencies in your latest presentation on Ivermectin, I would strongly recommend that you take the steps that I have outlined above and then give a report of your findings on your channel, with a retraction of your character assassination if appropriate.

Michael Stratil, Ph.D.
Social Psychology


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    Reply To: Your video on Ivermectin & Fauci

Michael Stratil, Ph.D.
Social Psychology

Well, wasn’t that cute…


Seriously though, Ive been wondering how long until the MSM starts writing stories about whackos and the horse dewormer they think can cure covid like magic.


Those of you looking to procure a late night apple snack, had better get moving.   The walls are closing in fast.

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    Re: Your video on Ivermectin & Fauci

It would seem that Fauci has done a wonderful job of assassinating his own character.

When you’ve been up to no good in a manner that has potentially cost many thousands of lives unnecessarily don’t expect much in the way of sympathy once people catch on.

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    Your video on Ivermectin & Fauci

In July, a BBC journalist accuses Scientists and Doctors of bias, this you expect to be a credible counterpoint to Chris Martenson’s video?  He’s referencing a meta-analysis of 22 studies, so is Michael Stratil, Ph.D. suggesting there was a vast conspiracy from Dr Ahmed in Bangladesh to Dr Zhang?


from the Appendix at, they are drawing their data from:


We performed ongoing searches of PubMed, medRxiv,, The Cochrane Library, Google Scholar, Collabovid, Research Square, ScienceDirect, Oxford University Press, the reference lists of other studies and meta-analyses, and submissions to the site, which regularly receives submissions of both positive and negative studies upon publication. Search terms were ivermectin and COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2, or simply ivermectin. Automated searches are performed every hour with notifications of new matches. All studies regarding the use of ivermectin for COVID-19 that report an effect compared to a control group are included in the main analysis. This is a living analysis and is updated regularly.

It’s going to need more than one sneering BBC journo to impugn the data.

Are the campesinos in Chiapas also in on the implausible conspiracy of “bias” playing their role by dying at 1/10th of rate of the rest of the administrative districts of Mexico?

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    Your video on Ivermectin & Fauci

How does one go about procuring this “late night snack?”  Any tips? Working in a school and the county I live in has a positivity rate (whatever that means in relation to CTs) of 25%. Already taking the recommended vitamins. I’ve also heard about ordering from overseas. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  • Sat, Dec 05, 2020 - 03:27pm

    Chris Martenson

    Chris Martenson

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    Re: Your video on Ivermectin & Fauci

Given this context, it would have behooved you to investigate these issues, perhaps by giving Fauci an opportunity to explain his position…

Fauci has had nearly 12 months to explain his position.  And he has.

Wait for a vaccine.  Be afraid.  Skip holidays.  Close small businesses.  Keep large ones open.

It took an interview with Jennifer Garner for him to confess that he took Vitamin D, which everyone should take.

He’s never, not once, used his bully pulpit to insist that everyone take Vitamin D right away.  It offers huge benefits and has no side effects and no downside.  It’s a 100% “can’t lose” public health recommendation and his mental calculations arrived at the conclusion that he should remain mum on the whole matter.

He began extolling Remdesivir even before any solid clinical data cam e in and kept at it even after it proved to be a complete dud with terrible side effects.

Meanwhile, In study after study HCQ was shown to offer solid benefits if given early and with zinc.

And now we have study after study showing IVM to be of exceptional benefit – best in class – best we have by far(!), and he remains … mum.  Same mental calculations as for Vitamin D we might suspect.

Hides behind a shitty veil of “well, the science isn’t conclusive.”

Well yes, yes it is.

This is all just facts and data.

Remember, if the facts upset you, the problem isn’t with the facts.


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    Your video on Ivermectin & Fauci

I am greatly dismayed by the highly unprofessional tone and substance of your message wherein y0u refer to a corrupt industry compromised rag “BBC” and an inept political organization “PAHO,” which is a division of the corrupt and inept WHO as a source of truth about a topic that they already have demonstrated an inability to handle scientifically.

I also object to your innuendo that Chris Martenson is following/motivated by face book postings from a S American preacher.

Discussions on this forum should be based on science, man.
Marvin Motsenbocker Ph.D.


  • Sat, Dec 05, 2020 - 07:21pm   (Reply to #2)

    Mohammed Mast

    Mohammed Mast

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    Your video on Ivermectin & Fauci


PHD ALERT Piled Higher and Deeper ALERT. Be advised WEAR BOOTS or PREFERABLY WADERS.

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Thats one way.   It has a table on the back showing dosages by weight.   Apparently it includes the dose for a 150 pound horse and everything.   I’m no doctor.   Look around on PP and online and see if you can find commentary that makes you feel safe using this or something like it.


Look around PP and you may find a thread where they discussed dosages with this very package

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    Your video on Ivermectin & Fauci

You have a PhD is social psychology, good for you. There are a lot of really educated and experienced people on here. It is one of the things that got me interested. You joined in March and have all of 2 posts and think you are qualified to insult the owner of the site based on your opinion of his motives and a BBC article? Having an opinion is fine. Heck I don’t agree with anyone on here 100% of the time and that is OK. However, your tone is condescending and surely someone of your background must understand that it is not going to be well received. There are actual medical doctors on here that seem to view Ivermectin in a much more positive light. I give much more credit to their opinions.

BTW even my friends in the UK think the BBC is trash now. ( ALL engineers/ computer science PhD, MS etc).

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