Your Chance to Interview Chris

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  • Mon, Apr 02, 2012 - 06:12pm



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    Question for Chris


I really enjoy all the information from Chris. The podcasts are something I enjoy listening to, I consider them like the best brain food around at the moment. My Question to Chris is this 

Chris, I am a fan. I enjoy your work. Please do not take this question in the wrong context. You interviewees in the podcast always habit the same universe as we do. What I mean is that you find yourself agreeing with the people you interview too often. It is time to have some intelligent minds which do not agree on all that this website represents. I can think of some  like Jim Rogers, Roubini, Grant etc.


Other Suggestions

The person being interviewed here :


Thanks for the work once again


  • Sat, Apr 14, 2012 - 01:44am

    Peak Prosperity Admin

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    “Peak Prosperity” – double entendre intended?

Wow, what a great bunch of questions (for the most part)! I look forward to hearing your responses, as your time permits, Chris. I was interested to see the new domain name. Obviously it made sense to get away from (nothing wrong with your name, just not descriptive of the content). I heard the explanation in the video about the choice of “Peak Prosperity” so as to keep a focus on how times could actually be better as our world evolves down the path it is on. I agree, especially in terms of community, as we will by necessity have to depend on other people more, just like 99% of human history prior to oil. In other ways, we will have less prosperity in terms of traveling quickly and cheaply to other countries or states or even nearby localities, in terms of ease of getting food, heating one’s home, etc. etc. The cheap labor of 500 slaves (for a gallon of oil) kind of thing.

When I reflected on it, “Peak Oil” means we have reached or will soon the maximum oil production and have or will soon be starting down the decline side of the curve. Similarly, one could interpret “Peak Prosperity” as having reached maximum prosperity and we are now starting to head down the decline side (as clearly we are). My question is, did you intend this double meaning when you renamed the website? 

Thanks so much for all you and your staff do. I wish I could get family and friends to dive into this site, but denial is so huge, for the most part.

Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)

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