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Yinon, PNAC and the Zionist / US / NATO Project to Destroy Syria

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    Coordinated Messages: Fingerprint of the Oligarchy In Action

I have come to suspect that one of the fingerprints of the oligarchy-in-action is the delivery of a single message to the public simultaneously from different and seemingly unrelated mouthpieces.  This suggests a coordinated public perception operation is afoot.

One such message surfaced 2 days ago with the new French president Macron and then again yesterday from Senator Schumer (self identified Zionist) who repeated the same message.

The message is that, Zionism, the economic and military domination project that historically grew out of the RED/BLUE faction of Judaism, is equal to Judaism and is in fact, the only TRUE form of Judaism, and therefore, cannot be criticized or examined objectively as this would be a form of race based intolerance.  Zionism is thus exempt from critical review.   Race-based intolerance (bigotry) is absolutely anathema in a GREEN Meme society.

To make this topic even more complex, some Zionists are not Jewish.  For example, Joe Biden told the Israeli parliament in a televised speech “I am a Zionist” and Ashton Carter and Nikki Haley very actively serve the global Zionist movement.   Many more Zionists, though Jewish by tribal identification, are atheists or describe themselves as secular Jews.  This establishes that Zionism is not a religion.  So Zionism is not a race nor a religion.  My best understanding is that Zionism is a economic and military dominance project and a secret society that grew out of RED/BLUE faction of Judaism, and has expanded to include others who share its aims and methods.  This group is very closely associated with the government of Israel, and has great influence in the governments of the USA and EU, and in central banking, media and academia.  They are very active in shaping public thinking at all levels.

I imagine that the brains behind the Zionist domination project could be understood as Leo Strauss’ “philosopher-elites.”  Tribal and national identification provide the lever to move the religious and patriotic “gentlemen” citizens.  (Kevin MacDonald (see chapter 6) also describes the evolution of a number of specific cultural belief structures from Jewish history that contribute also–but this is far beyond my pay grade.)  I believe that the Jewish people and Israeli citizens play the role of Leo Strauss’ “gentlemen” class, who can be made to do the bidding of the philosopher-elite by invoking God and Country. 

One example, in Ostrovsky’s By Way of Deception, a young American Jewish man is quietly contacted by a distant Israeli relative who is a Mossad asset and asked to rent a car and leave it on a certain corner in Brooklyn with the keys under the mat.  He does so only knowing that he is “helping Israel” and “serving his people.”  Hence the Mossad has its global network of gentlemen “helpers” (sayanim) increasing the range of their covert operations.

Clever linguistic machinations are used by people with high intelligence and excellent verbal skills to tie into knots the thinking of others with less skill.  Here are 2 examples:


1.  Confusing the distinction between Zionism and Judaism so that the anti-bigotry prohibition can be invoked to mask Zionist activities.

2.  Invoking one side of the anti-bigotry prohibition, anti-Semitism, to stifle discussion of systematic Jewish oppression of the Palestinians, which is bigotry at a systemic level.


We must simply say:  No.  These topics are most certainly fair game for discussion.

Prominent YELLOW Meme Jewish thinkers, like Israel Shahak, Phil Weiss, Jim Lobe, Rabbi Michael Lerner (Tikkun Magazine) and Kim Chernin decry the inhumanity of the RED/BLUE Zionist faction.  These writers are most certainly not anti-Semitic.  But they are dismissed by the dominant RED/BLUE thinkers as “self hating Jews” based on the assumption that the TRUE Judaism is RED/BLUE Meme version of Judaism and is equivalent to Zionism.

But other BLUE Meme Jewish groups also oppose Zionism such as Jews United against Zionism.  GREEN Meme groups like the True Torah Jews as well, but for different reasons.

Israeli and Arab boys.  From the True Torah Jews website.  This group advocates peaceful co-existance of Jews and Palestinians.

A Jewish activist speaks out against Zionism


An ultra-conservative Jewish sect opposes Zionism.

Zionism Causes anti-Semitism.  I would give a gold-star to the perceptiveness of this man.


Using the GREEN Meme anti-racial bigotry prohibition to silence criticism of Israel is absurd in that that Israel is itself racially segregated with a formal apartheid structure.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.   (For example, Anna Baltzar (video below) describes the Palestinians have separate license plates, specific designated roads, and many check points within the Palestinian sections of the country.  They are stopped at checkpoints so that their movement and commerce is disrupted.  The security wall is deliberately placed to disrupt Palestinian life maximally, not to provide security.  This seems to be OK with a high percentage of the Jewish Israelis who believe “God gave Israel to the Jews” and that the Palestinians should be “encouraged to leave.”  Jewish “settlers” in the West Bank may own and carry firearms, but Palestinians may not.  As a result, gunfights tend to go about as you would predict.)

The global Jewish community favors the separation of church and state throughout the world.  Except in Israel.  Israel is defined as a Jewish nation and restricts immigration only to Jews.

Again, Jewish activists globally work to ensure that societies are multi-cultural and that immigration and emigration are unrestricted, especially with respect to race and religion.  Except in Israel.  There, the opposite is true.


Elliott Abrams, Deputy National Security Advisor in the Bush II administration, wrote in his book Faith or Fear (1997): “Outside the land of Israel, there can be no doubt that Jews, faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham, are to stand apart from the nation in which they live. It is the very nature of being Jewish to be apart— except in Israel— from the rest of the population.”  [ Faith or Fear: How Jews can Survive in a Christian America, Simon & Schuster, 1997.]  A better definition of Zionism would be hard to get. The corollary of such an idea is the right of Israel to be an “ethnic nation,” that is, the apartheid practiced against Palestinian non-Jews: “there is a place in the world for non-ethnic nations and there is a place for ethnic nations,” declared Douglas Feith in Jerusalem that same year 1997 (the year PNAC was founded) in his “Reflections on Liberalism, Democracy and Zionism.” Israel is an ethnic nation since its conception by Zionist founder Theodor Herzl (der Jundenstaat, 1896). In American and European non-ethnic nations, by contrast, unrestricted immigration and multiculturalism should be encouraged. [ Sniegoski, Transparent Cabal, op. cit., p. 119]


If the overarching moral principle here is that one socio-ethnic group should treat other socio-ethnic groups with respect and as equals, then that moral principle most certainly applies to the relationship between Jews and Palestinians in Israel.

Kevin MacDonald is the only writer I have seen that offers any explanation as to how this profound inconsistency developed.  Like so much, it lies deep in Jewish history and scripture.  If anyone understands this better, I would like to learn what you know.

Anyone who doubts that Israel is an apartheid nation would be invited to watch the interview of a YELLOW Meme Jewish-American Activist, Anna Baltzar (bio) (video below) on Life in Palestine and peruse Kim Chernin’s writing, a Jewish-American psychiatrist and writer for Jewcy, a tablet magazine.


Brandon Martinez in Grand Deceptions:  Zionist Intrigues in the 20th and 21st Centuries, describes many examples where the “anti-Semite” label is used to silence critics of Israel.  In a follow-up book, Criminalizing Dissent:  The West Bows to Zionism, (no longer carried on amazon, but available as a pdf here) he documents efforts use of anti-terrorism legislation to make “hate-speech and anti-Semitism” (one phrase!!) criminal.  Specifically, questioning 9/11 is being classified as “anti-Semitism” and those questioning 9/11 as “terrorist Truthers.” Martinez explains:


… At a September 2014 United Nations speech [Briton’s Prime Minister David] Cameron proclaimed that individuals who question the official government narratives concerning the attacks of 9/ 11 and 7/ 7 are ‘non-violent extremists’ that need to be confronted with the full force of the state, likening such people to members of ISIS.[ 29] The British leader intends to follow through on his belligerent threats. In May 2015 he introduced a new counter-terrorism bill that will empower British authorities to: “catch not just those who spread or incite hatred on the grounds of gender, race or religion but also those who undertake harmful activities for the ‘purpose of overthrowing democracy’. They would include a ban on broadcasting and a requirement to submit to the police in advance any proposed publication on the web and social media or in print. The bill will also contain plans for banning orders for extremist organizations which seek to undermine democracy or use hate speech in public places, but it will fall short of
 banning on the grounds of provoking hatred.”[ 30]

[Martinez, Brandon. Criminalizing Dissent: The West Bows to Zionism (Kindle Location 302). Non-Aligned Media. Kindle Edition.]  



This kind of sh*t is how anti-Semites are created.   By the hundreds of millions.

My progressive and moderate Jewish friends will have to come to grips with this poisonous faction that hides within your midst.  Someday, a time for backlash will come.  Perhaps in your children's generation.   You will need to be very clear that it was not "the Jews" but "the Zionists."

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    Re: Backlash

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    “neo” = crypto, “conservative” = Zionist

I want to call attention to an essay by Laurent Guyenot.

Though I love my Jewish family, friends and co-worker, this BLUE Meme Zionist group is profoundly insane. The assumptions of this thought pattern must be addressed and questioned in the light of day.

He asks:  Is Zionism a Psychopathic Disorder?

His answer:


This will be hard, maybe impossible, for those strongly ethnically identified as Jewish to look at.  I would remind everyone that Judaism can be "done" in many different ways.  This group, the Zionists, are a primitive, toxic group, holdouts from an era when the dominant way of thinking on the Earth was RED/BLUE Meme, and these beliefs were written into scripture.

In this essay, when Guyenot uses the word "Jewish," substitute "BLUE Meme Jewish."


I will include here a picture of my personal trainer and good friend who is also our dog's veterinarian.  I would describe him as ORANGE / GREEN Jewish.

One can be Jewish without the BLUE Meme thought structures!

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    Selling stolen technology to authoritarian regimes. Horrific!

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    Israel is trying to ‘suck America into’ Iranian war

Israel is trying to ‘suck America into’ Iranian war that could lead to world war — Lawrence Wilkerson (Mondoweiss)


“Wilkerson, a retired army colonel who now teaches government at Washington-area universities, served Powell during the runup to the Iraq war. He spoke last Friday at the annual Israel lobby conference at the National Press Club, sponsored by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and Institute for Research: Middle East Policy. The conference aired on C-SPAN.

I have transcribed his speech below. Wilkerson’s remarks are important because his analysis of the tail wagging the dog is so cogent and frightening at a time when the premier Israel lobby group AIPAC is pushing for action against Iran in Syria. Also for Wilkerson’s respectful take on Vladimir Putin; for his unvarnished opinion of the Israel lobby, so different from the tame piece he published in The New York Times a month ago; and for his comments about Israel attacking the USS Liberty in 1967 and stealing US uranium to build a nuclear weapon with LBJ’s knowledge.”

Wilkerson speech:

Follow up Q&A:

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