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Yes We Have No Jobs Today, Dec. 17, 2008

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  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 12:00am



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    Yes We Have No Jobs Today, Dec. 17, 2008

From priests to illegal gardeners who are repatriating to Mexico, around the world the numbers are starting to amaze: In the U.S. alone, to a first approximation, about 4000 jobs every hour of every day–every time I have taken the time to count the first 50 or so entries on Google; only a fraciton of the small business job losses make it to Google, so what are the real numbers?

Job losses around the world? On an hourly basis, perhaps 10,000, 20,000, 50,000? After all, America only has 4% of the world’s population; thus, if we’re losing 4,000 an hour, well…you see that I’m being conservative.

We (some of us) have no idea what trouble were in…

Today’s pick-me-up: 8th-grader, Marcus Machado (skip ahead to 2:10; be ready to be amazed)


Now, a few of the Jobs Lost listings:

Have a nice day…

Report: Laid-Off IT Workers Will Go Rogue In 2009
… started exploiting the public’s fears, Finjan’s prediction adds a new dynamic: the rise in cybercrime will be facilitated by laid-off IT workers.

Layoffs, deportations sending Mexicans home

Majority of Employers Expecting Layoffs, Survey Shows

Aetna Eliminates 1000 Jobs In Response To Downturn

Valeo to Cut 5000 Jobs Because of Global Car-Market Slump

Finning cuts more than 500 jobs, sees weaker demand

Western Digital to Cut 2500 Jobs

Deutsche Bank Eliminates at Least 60 Jobs in Japan

Eastman Chemical to cut jobs, other costs

Myers to close 3 plants, cutting 200 jobs

Tennant to cut 240 jobs, 8 percent of workers

Memphis to lose more than 300 jobs

Anglo American arm to close UK factory and cut jobs

Spending Plan Would Cut 900 Jobs, Close Schools

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. will close its plant in Albany, Ga., cutting 1,335 jobs

Spending Plan Would Cut 900 Jobs, Close Schools

Newell Rubbermaid to cut up to 1000 jobs

Ryder to cut 700 US jobs, cut Latin operations

Ryder cuts Brazil, Argentina, Chile ops, 3100 jobs

VF Corp. to cut "modest" number of jobs

US Airways among airlines cutting jobs

Bosch to slash production, cut jobs at SC plants

Silicon Storage revenue view cut; pares 17% of jobs

CBS Corp cuts 30 jobs from entertainment unit-paper

Teleflex cutting 150 jobs, exiting product lines

Austin Regional Clinic cuts 60 jobs

Laika cuts about 75 jobs

Bristol-Myers Cuts Another 10 Percent Of Its Jobs (4300)

Valeo trims 2008 targets, plans 5000 job cuts

Kingsway to Cut 162 Jobs, Freeze Salaries and Bonuses

Midway Games to cut 25 percent of jobs (180)

Macmillan cuts 64 publishing jobs

Goldman Sachs Cuts Jobs, Slashes Average Pay 45% to $363654

My heart goes out to those poor Goldman Sachs employees who have to live off of $363,654!

Paterson’s plan calls for 3000 job cuts

Air Products Lowers Profit Target, to Cut 1300 Jobs

BNP Paribas posts CIB loss, could cut 700 jobs

Japan workers protest massive wave of job cuts

Hospital Announces Job, Budget Cuts

Canadian Pacific Cuts 600 Jobs, Lowers Costs, Globe Says

Union: Detroit papers plan job cuts, less delivery

RPI embarks on 98 planned job cuts

Slumping sales leads to job cuts at Gehl

Miami University foresees ’09 job cuts

Northern Trust to cut about 450 jobs

Two Springfield Companies announce job cuts (400)

Floyd County to Face Job Cuts

UTV journalists stage protest over job cuts

UBM: 350 Job Cuts in Second Half

Best Buy eyes layoffs, slows US expansion

Momentive announces new round of layoffs (250)

Gilroy, Calif., council approves more layoffs with slight tweak

More Layoffs Possible at Invista (632)

JELD-WEN window manufacturing company plans layoffs

Freedom Center Announces Layoffs

Regal Beloit, Mortgage IT plan layoffs

Baptist seminary cuts budget, expects layoffs

Minnesota layoffs: The latest victims

New Process Gear lays off 216

Trail King: 42 Laid Off

1022 Mineworkers to be laid off

Employees to be laid off at Chemtura facility

32000 workers to be laid off in Tangerang

200 Hawk One Employees Laid Off

Atmel lays off 245 employees in Springs

58 employees at bank branches on Staten Island to be laid off

  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 02:14pm



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    Re: Yes We Have No Jobs Today, Dec. 17, 2008

Did I mention Chrysler? All Employees. GM? Idling volt efforts and various plants. Ford?  Extended plant closures. Talk about ripple effect. I wonder how the "government" is going to vaporize those additions to next months jobs numbers? I bet a fair portion of those workers will not be coming back.

 And, of course, the numbers beat "expectations" today. I am fairly sure that the only people who believe that…wait a minute! Not even the person who typed the number into the report believes that. You have to wonder how dumb the people are that are perpetrating this masquerade such that they assume the millions of unemployed Americans and their families and friends are going to believe such horseshi*!

I ran across this article ( )on Market Watch; the posted comments regarding the government numbers are telling. Apparently, the "government’s" fuzzy number crew are the only people who believe that The People still believe…

 I think when the reality of all the deception goes mainstream–with a vengeance, things like, oh, let’s say the dollar, the stock market…and let’s not forget the bond bubble–yes, these three, for starters, are going to look as if they have On/Off switches; switches which many people will be groping for in the dark.

On the lighter side:


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