Yes We Have No Jobs Today, Dec. 11, 2008

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    Yes We Have No Jobs Today, Dec. 11, 2008

As a precursor to my comments and today’s Jobs Lost list, I offer:

증 승하 (Sungha Jung) OUT-plays the Beatles

창 유진 (Yoojin Chang) justifies the sacrifice of trees and sheep…(You’ll thank yourself for watching this.)

Was Beethoven Korean?

When I was seven I played just like this–Not!

Violin: 48 Months Later

24-Month-old McCartney

Today’s comments & articles on Employment in America

On jobs, we’re even further back than we realize.

"But as is so often the case with the Bush administration, when things look bad at first sight, a closer examination reveals them to be much worse. This is because for each month, the economy needs to add between 125,000 and 150,000 jobs just to keep up with growth in the workforce. So if your job numbers are even, you’re not really even. And if you’ve lost 533,000 jobs in a month, you’ve actually fallen behind by more than 600,000…"

Way below, I include today’s list of "Jobs lost" articles that popped up on Google–all happening within the last 24 hours. 20 jobs lost here, 200 there, and pretty soon we’re talking about 100,000 a day, when you consider how widespread and underreported these "little" stories are. We’re in trouble! And there’s a reason…


This issue (employment and the possession of skills that would allow one to be employed) is a pet peeve of mine, as I am a teacher; a teacher who began his teaching career in Japan, who made a dedicated 10-year effort in inner-city schools in the U.S., and who finally gave up on American educational clusterfuc*ocracy and returned to Asia to teach in the South Korean public school system. Interspersed within those more substantial commitments were short interludes as a teacher at a private college in Mexico City; as a live-in tutor in San Jose, Costa Rica; and as a street-roaming volunteer English teacher during a wondrous and magical summer under the stars in Antigua, Guatemala.

I relate those experiences because they provided me with some perspective; perspective on how America has been turned into a nation of mental peasants while they weren’t looking, which is to say that Americans were distracted by things and people superficial; by a lesser human element that has presumed to impose its needs on us at our expense; by the marginally insane who find their way into marketing organizations and Wall Street brokerages. Their motto: Something for Nothing; Without Our Something, You’re Nothing; our response: Sold!

As a teacher who has some perspective on various cultures and their attitudes toward education, I can confidently say that we are so far behind the curve, due to the decades of easy living offered by our phony borrow-and-consume economy, that it will take more than a Generation–A GENERATION AT LEAST!–to have any hope of making our country competitive again. However, what we (our children) will discover during that generation will be that learning–making a serious effort and developing some substantial expertise–is The Most Rewarding Thing a human can experience (next to friends and family). It (the next 30 or so years) will not be a period of unbearable privation and suffering, but will be a period of renaissance, where the mind will amaze and the children will amaze more; these children will be known as The Renaissance Generation. There will be community; there will be family. We will finally be healed, be human, be as we were meant to be–before Wall Street and the Marketeers.

Do you disagree with me on the state of the American learner?

"Think American education standards are higher than the Third World – well why not have your 11th or 12th grade son or daughter try the Third World Challenge? ( ) After all in just a few more years the challenge will be in the marketplace for high paying jobs – might as well find out now if your son or daughter is competitive."
~Bob Compton

What will the Generation of Educational and Spirtual Healing look like?

For example, for every hour that American students study (outside of classes), Korean students study 6+ hours. Additionally, they attend school on Saturday.

Over 80% of students in Seoul attend some sort of after-school study programs (math, science, martial arts, English, and music)–some for 4-6 hours a night!

We’ll follow suit or…we won’t…

Dedication has its rewards–as you saw in the videos above. (Have you enabled your children today?) Those students in the videos above are extraordinary musicians, but according to my Seoul experience, the rest of the young crowd is nipping at their heels. I’ll never forget the first day I was playing piano in the music room (Korean elementary school) during lunch, and almost EVERY student who popped in to listen could play the piano well, if not superbly. During formal interviews of those 2nd through 6th grade students (for educational research purposes), I found that the piano was just one of the instruments most of them played–and it was often not their primary instrument! You should have witnessed the violins…

Here are a few more results of supporting your children so that they have an opportunity to Find Their Magic:

TKD Showteam Korea – Kids (Kukkiwon)

I’m 11 and I’m a girl and I Rock

증 승하 (Sungha Jung) teaches the guitar how to play…again!(Think you’re not going to hear about this kid in the future?)

And when they get older:, a song which was performed in a great Korean movie, 클래식 (The Classic):

The kids you just watched have ended up special in a special place; that is to say, they are the cared-for in a country that

cares for…education. Pretty much all kids start out with the raw material to be every bit as talented. Thus, if I could

convince every American parent to watch one movie? 2 Million Minutes:

Yes We Have No Jobs Today, December 11, 2008

Below, today’s "list" of people who are suddenly and painfully aware that:
1) education and skills matter; and
2) all the loving efforts of dedicated parents can be rendered useless in a country with a corrupt government.

147,000 Indiana Auto Industry Jobs at Risk

Thirty jobs lost at printers’ firm closes

17 jobs lost as ‘green’ print firm

Fourteen jobs lost as another Carlisle city centre pub shuts

34 Laid Off at Corning Inc. (VIDEO)

SIPTU warns 6,000 jobs could be lost in pig processing sector

StarTek closing, 266 jobs lost

Howe plant to close; 140 jobs lost

40 Hart GHSP jobs lost amid auto industry disaster

270 jobs lost at Chase Bank

With ArcelorMittal plant closing, 260 jobs lost

17 More jobs lost at Albany International

100 Jobs lost at baby stroller factory

Franklin Electric to cut 200 Siloam Springs jobs

J.E. Dunn Midwest has laid off 30 full-time employees

Proposed Dayton budget cuts ‘will kill firefighters’

45 layoffs for the City of Toledo

City of Redding to Start Layoffs

GEHealthcare expects layoffs

Cable & Wireless to dismiss 1,200 in the Caribbean

NPR to Cut 64 Jobs and Two Shows

Orange County cuts 210 workers,0,694456.story

86 Jobs Lost at Sabic in Mt. Vernon

Painful Choices as College Bills Wallop Families



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    Re: Yes We Have No Jobs Today, Dec. 11, 2008

one bright spot…….. npr lost some jobs.

the reason, ……they are losing corporate funding. this should give some pause to those who think that national propaganda radio is not owned by corporate america . dark days for busines and the lights go out at npr. personally i find it to be poetic justice.

for years this country has systematically destroyed its educational system. the latest assault was "every child left behind"

of bush genius. we turn out 60k engineers a year and china and india turn out 600k 

no wonder jim rogers is in asia.

i do not believe for one minute this has been an accident.


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