Wish there was more emphasis on nutrition

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  • Fri, Sep 17, 2021 - 12:21am

    Kevin Schumacher

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    Wish there was more emphasis on nutrition

I’ve caught up on all of the videos from here and FLCCC as of late, and I am a bit sad to not see more information about nutrition, specifically vitamins.  I know they are mentioned, and have their place on the FLCCC protocols, however, the known benefits of say, Vitamin C I feel are significantly underplayed in its role in preventing and curing the sick with COVID 19.


I myself have tested the bowel tolerance mechanism of Vitamin C and it does a pretty amazing job at keeping my family healthy.  On a normal day, 4-5g of Vitamin C will give me some rumbling in my stomach.  I’ve had two colds since really taking a lot of Vitamin C (4-5 years ago) and neither one lasted more than a few days.  When I had those colds, I was taking upwards of 30g of Vitamin C orally throughout an 8-9 hour period and never reached bowel tolerance, though, in the following days, I would reach bowel tolerance at lower and lower rates.  I haven’t had anything more severe than a common cold in the past 5 years so I don’t have any first hand experience with anything other than that.  I’ve talked some very hesitant people into doing this (I bought the vitamin C for them because they didn’t want “expensive pee”) when they were sick and they now swear by it.


It is cheap, harmless and very powerful as an antitoxin and antiviral.  I think it deserves more airtime when it comes to protecting and recovering from COVID.


My main go-to’s for this type of information is ;

DoctorYourself, Orthomolecular News, and ISOM

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