Wisconson – sign of more to come?

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    Noam Chomsky on Wisconsin protests …

Is this interview from a month ago old news??? Somehow I doubt it …


“The reason why you can’t get Democratic leaders to join is because they agree. They are also trying to destroy the unions. In fact, if you take a look at—take, say, the lame-duck session. The great achievement in the lame-duck session for which Obama is greatly praised by Democratic Party leaders is that they achieved bipartisan agreement on several measures. The most important one was the tax cut. And the issue in the tax cut—there was only one issue—should there be a tax cut for the very rich? The population was overwhelmingly against it, I think about two to one. There wasn’t even a discussion of it, they just gave it away. And the very same time, the less noticed was that Obama declared a tax increase for federal workers. Now, it wasn’t called a “tax increase”; it’s called a “freeze.” But if you think for 30 seconds, a freeze on pay for a federal workers is fiscally identical to a tax increase for federal workers. And when you extend it for five years, as he said later, that means a decrease, because of population growth, inflation and so on. So he basically declared an increase in taxes for federal workers at the same time that there’s a tax decrease for the very rich.” ~ Noam Chomski

Transcript of the interview

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    Good Idea


I used to rail on about unions in the government – fed, state, and local.  Since then I have come to the view that it does not make any difference.  Public sector revenue is declining.  That will make it self correcting.  So, i do not care if they have a union.  I does not make a real difference so I am going to get off that band wagon.  I used to be big on appealing obamacare.  I used to go on about that.  Now i think it is the same as unions on the government.  Since it can not be paid for it is self repealing.  It would be good if we could repeal it in an organized way but if not, no biggie.  Since it can not be paid for it is self repealing.


Good idea. Let’s save our railing for other, more pressing concerns that we have influence over. (Although I’m just as guilty of going on about stuff that I really have no control over, too.)


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