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Wondered how others fared this winter. I lost both hives, with plenty of honey left on them. Bought 2 new swarms, hived them, and it has turned cold again. 

Also, interesting article in the NYT:

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I lost three hives in fall 2012, due to undetected prior queen loss, one was an improper shook swarm attempt. The upside is that I now know what a hive with laying workers looks like : /  and I also know how to clean frames of wax moth infestation.  : (

I recolonized in JUNE because southern suppliers were hit with their own (CCD) losses and could not resupply the increased demand for packages in my state before then. Then we relocated further north to New England so I sold my Dixie girl Italians and will restart in spring with hardier Yankee bees, probably Carnies. Two years until I can harvest honey again.

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    A how-to on feeding bees in winter

A little blog post documenting how I fed a couple of hives yesterday on a relatively warm day.  It's the easiest way to feed bees in winter that I've ever seen.

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