Will Trump sign Insurrection Act and use the military to arrest the criminals?

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    sure, except for

The number of conspiracies which turned out to have a factual basis is just incredible.  The most recent is Russiagate.  It was all made up to distract from HRC’s “emails” issue.  It occupied the entire country for 3 years.

So – is Q just one of these magical emergent things that – by happenstance – distracted a good sized chunk of the Trump supporter group (and also espoused theories – as MM said – that were…far enough out there to discredit the entire group), accidentally redounding to the benefit of the Biden Donors?

Sure.  It’s possible.  But given the sheer number of conspiracies (and the “insurrection” is the very latest one – apparently it was planned well in advance, not “incited” by the Bad Orange Man’s exhortation to “protest peacefully”) which have been proven true, given that the Biden Donors were the beneficiaries, I’m going to go with: CIA False Hope Operation.

I just don’t think there are any accidents with that group.  Antifa/BLM riots.  Q.  “No pandemic cures for you.”  Lockdowns transferring wealth from small biz to the Donors.

CIA is clearly in the tank for the Biden Donors (= Bush II Donors).  All those governments around the world don’t regime-change themselves.  This is just what the CIA does.  And now they did it here too.  The Church Commission was 45 long years ago.

There are no accidents.  I mean, you can believe in Santa Claus dropping off the whole Q thing as an election-year Christmas Present for the Biden Donors if you like. But I go with the James Bond Theory of political action:

Once is happenstance.  Twice is coincidence.  Ten times: enemy action.

You can laugh now.  But they’ll turn on you next.

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    Will Trump sign Insurrection Act and use the military to arrest the criminals?

But more often it seems internet sensations come about accidentally as self-emergent properties.

Yep.   Although, once having some staying power and reach, such “movements” are always co-opted, or channeled by more institutionalized forces.

The whole bureaucratic”deep state” of the Federal Triangle, the DC Metro, and the Federal DC-Centric area is a self-emergent thing, and it became more and more real a sustained thing sometime around Harry Truman’s presidency.  I could taste and smell it on the Metro bus in from far Arlington into Pentagon City in the early 1980’s, Reagan’s term, (during the Lebanon War and the Falkland War) where the social stratification was total:   no one looked at the “brown collar” workers, the GSA cleaning people and custodians.   The white collar folks only facially and body language acknowledged other white collars, and sometimes an officer of “Major” rank or above in uniform, otherwise those fellow humans were completely — even at the subconscious level body language and micro movements of facial muscles expose — untouchables.   The caste system was in place by then, in that land of cul-de-sac’ed developments, where each neighborhood was graded by G level, or S level.

And that social level foundation allowed the social entitiy to develop a group self-awareness, refining that more and more, until today, where the US v THEM is clear on the ground, it is the ground of a “Forbidden City”, open only to insiders and the armed men who protect them, and the eunuch and slave classes in brown collars who push brooms and change flourescent light bubs and mow the lawning.

Q could have some psyops in it,  of course some drop in and futz with it, but I think you are correct, it is a self-emergent social entity.   It is not a LARP, but LARPs spring out of it, like the 3%-ers.

To beat the Federal deep state entity — as I laid it out above — today, is very difficult.   Even the Chinese or the Russians will not be able to beat it, or even to use it well.  It is high inertia, a massive self-sense of itself.    It takes an act of God, really, or the development of the 0%-er class within it.

Our founders of this nation, shared a well-understood set of ideals.   And a deep faith in God, the God of Moses, for as a human, no one will ever be the equal of Moses, so his “revelations” are deep and precise, albeit very difficult to fully understand, the Founders understood them well enough, in the Hebrew even, many of them, to get this kite of a nation off the ground.   But none of the LARP entities (which including ISIS, and the Crusaders of a millienium plus years ago) have a real consensus, or foundation in ideals.    The Chinese, the Han do,  the Manchus did, the Mongols did for a while, the Persians did and continue to have a foundation in a well-known set of ideals, enough for the foundation of a strong nation.   So does Russia.   But Western Europe has lost them, had them, lost them.  So those nations are failing quickly.

Rarely do the “emergent social entities”, such as Q and the Federal Deep State after the Truman presidency, share common ideals.  (Albeit the greater Deep State and Western Europe have developed some of the  trappings — good word that — of religion, such as holidays — MLK Day for example —  and dogmatic proofs of membership such as global warming, LBGTQ+)  And without that, they break down and disperse as did Nimrod’s tower.    Nimrod was a mighty trapper, that break down and dispersion was an “act of God”, but it is not dissimilar to how an emergent social grouping without real ideals and creed of behaviour breaks up under natural dynamics.  But it takes time, do the natural dynamics.





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    Benefits vs harms of Q

As GatewayPundit commenter StreetWize wrote:

Trump has 2 choices:
1. Go to FL and try to rally a movement, while we’re going through a living [email protected] They will hound and harass him and his family and all staff and supporters. They will press charges, file lawsuits, prosecute, and on and on. It will be part of their main focus mixed right in with destroying all of our lives.
2. With this report from Ratcliff in hand, EO13848 invoked and at 11:30 Wed morning, after they are all ready for a big Biden inauguration, Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Berger takes command of all operations including commanding all the NG in DC. Massive arrests are made. It’s over before you know it. Unless of course, China comes to their defense. Then it could take a little longer.

Option 1, Trump goes out handing the United States of America over to our most ruthless enemy, and he knows it. If he walks, thanks for the memories. And most of all, he walks out with the biggest loss in world history. We walks out a quitter, knowing full well he has all the evidence he ever needed to take our country back.
Option 2, He’s Winston Churchill, Abe Lincoln and George Washington level leader. He has the Marines, Special Forces, Flynn, Berger, and others at his immediate command I remember him commenting on getting his sculpture on Mt Rushmore. That ain’t ever gonna happen playing golf at MarALago. This Marine thinks it’s unfathomable that the Commander in Chief is going to throw our country away to the enemy.

I’m all in on Option Number 2!

But, looks like it ain’t happening. Trump couldn’t handle it. Looks like one of the saddest days in American history…. but perhaps not, I mean it sure seems like you need another 4 years of crime, degradation, decline, double standards, absurd hypocrisy, trans children, etc etc offered by insane leftism, to finally turn things around. Work on fixing the election process within the corrupt states, and hold onto your guns. Everything will change soon enough.

Think about it, what would another 4 years of these mega-criminals projecting all their shadows, everything they do, onto Trump and you the non-NPCs? Let them have another taste of the good old corruption (now cubed with genocidal vaccines and treatment suppression, in-your-face election theft, etc) so they can see it’s not gonna be any better without Trump.

Except – we are the Top Men. And if we’re off reading “droppings”, and we are told that the experts have it all under control, then we are definitely not “on it.” Who ran the op? To know this, all you have to ask is: cui bono?

Great points. Well, one way in which we benefit is that we’re now the media, we’re millions of independent investigators who don’t believe their lies. I witnessed over the last few years this attitude entering into spiritual circles/communities and people, including some people that used to be very right-brain imbalanced adopters of the ostrich method living in their upper-chakra ivory tower. They no longer think I’m being “negative” for pointing out corruption and ignoring the info. That’s thanks to Q, whoever he/they are. As Qb put it, “I was just exploring the impact of one downside – swinging actual Biden voters in the spritiual/new age crowd to Trump. This was something I observed in real time.” That’s obviously not a downside though.

The presentation of a puzzle to be “decoded” also activates the pre-frontal cortex, the opposite of allowing the “news” to brainwash you with passive reception of disinformation programming which bypasses the human part of the brain and goes directly to the older limbic and reptilian parts of the brain, such that programmed emotions override logic (as we see so brutally in the mentally-enslaved NPCs). The TV frequencies are even designed to induce alpha waves and keep you couch-locked.

You said “one of them mentioned that Chairman Xi of China was in on it” – was that Q himself or an anon speculating on Q drop meanings?

definitely it functioned as a false hope operation “ Trust the Plan” Q was more than that. It was a classic disinformation psyop brilliantly married with modern understanding of behavioral economics. They seeded a self organizing and expanding crowd sourced movement for years allowing them fertile ground to plant loony disinfo and delegitimize by association legitimate and very real issues such as dominion voting machine interference and other very real election fraud issues with demonstrably false and easily debunked claims. Such as the machines were being run and controlled from Venezuela or China was smuggling in false ballots etc.

Great points, however what’s an example of planted “loony disinfo”? I’m not saying there weren’t any, I’m just not aware of any specific case of something I know is disinfo.

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    What was the looney disinfo?

As it turns out, it was merely this;

“nothing can stop what is coming… nothing”

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    Will Trump sign Insurrection Act and use the military to arrest the criminals?

Q proved a crocker.   Biden got sworn in, and issued a short list of very stupid — because they won’t work well as he stated them — executive  orders.   The media in remote studios swooned and looned.   Trump got greeted marvelously by big crowds in Florida.   Biden’s crowds?  sparser than any power grid control matrix.   And as matrix mathematics go, the power grid matrix is very sparse.   Most things in the grid do not connect to most other things directly in the grid, but the grid is huge, so the matrix is extremely sparse.   And that is like Biden’s Q-factor (like-ability, marketing draw), sparse, sparser than his hair.   Biden knows and trusts a few people, really, and no one trusts him, except with cash or power packet abrokering in hand.

Biden is the de facto and de jure President, but Trump is still the de-facto King.   And should Kamala rise as Biden falls, well, that will be interesting, but utterly destablising for the forces of evil assembled,  and assembled so sparsely in DC today.

Trump’s base is build on ideals, and a fairly small set of cohesive ones.   That means within the politics of Trump’s support, the matrix is huge and not sparse at all.  Very robust.   A well-behaved.   We have more power than we know, I think.

And these are my thoughts at the end of this day.    Arrriba!





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