Wildfire: Like Watching the Movie “San Andreas” … except it’s real

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  • Mon, May 17, 2021 - 10:06am



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    Wildfire: Like Watching the Movie “San Andreas” … except it’s real

After 15 months of watching an inexperienced Governor deal with Covid19, I can’t help but wonder – what would the state do if faced with a REAL emergency ?

A real emergency … an earthquake knocks down the freeway overpass that is key to evacuation … and starts a fire that forcing the evacuation.

Like if Florida had a hurricane incoming, and the highway everyone used to evacuate failed.

About 1/2 hour into the movie San Andreas, there is a scene where the scientists are in the California mountains, and a 7 quake rolls through, and they realize that that was a fore-shock and that a much bigger one is imminent.


That is how I feel about wildfire.  After watching the ham-handed responses the last 4 years, it’s like that scene in San Andreas.


There was a great article in Rolling Stone in April 2016 – about the fire danger in the New Jersey pinelands.

Will America’s Worst Wildfire Disaster Happen in New Jersey?


Will the current fire in New Jersey morph into the bigger wildfire described in the Rolling Stone article ?


They are lucky, no wind in the Monday forecast …



This is a picture of one of the side yards near my house.  I just removed a bunch of blackberry, but you can still see MORE blackberry that needs to be removed in the back.

I am using a gardening technique called HugelKultur … instead of burning the blackberry stalks, I bury them, and then plant a garden on top.

Mostly corn with a little sunflower, on this patch.


Seems like, preparing for wildfire can lead to gardening projects.


My garden area is next to a Tinderbox of dry wood.  Dead trees on a neighbor’s land etc.


We had a fire about 6 months ago, that was determined to be caused by an aging catalytic converter.  It was spitting out little chunks of hot metal along a country road, and started about 10 small spot fires over a 1 mile section.

It was all dealt with, sort of.


The Pro-active part that I am not seeing … the Governor would pass a “soft law” (no ticket, just encouragement, at least at first) encouraging anybody with an old catalytic converter to swap it out for a muffler.

Mainly, I am not seeing adaptation.

Fires at homeless encampments.

Arson fires, e.g. the current one in Pacific Palisades.


There is a stock of wood in the forest behind me.  8 miles x 16 miles, with a fuel load of about 100,000 pounds – of dry wood – per acre.


Anyway, I do what I can, and I know bigger fires are coming.

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