Why did ‘EcoHealth Alliance’ get over $60M in public funding from US agencies?

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    Why did ‘EcoHealth Alliance’ get over $60M in public funding from US agencies?

This article is about the situation of US taxpayer dollars having been sent, via NIH, to a lab in Wuhan to fund dangerous gain-of-function research with genetically manipulated viruses that the Obama Admin — realizing this was too dangerous — had shut down in the US.  So Fauci, apparently, among others, took the project to Wuhan to continue it.  Newsweek, of all things, covered the story, in April of 2020, surprisingly enough.  Trump Admin stopped the funding at that point, but I didn’t realize that in August of 2020, it was started again!

I admit I haven’t been on top of everything lately, but I find it pretty stunning that it turns out that one obscure organization – at the heart of the money trail between the NIH and the Wuhan lab – has gotten not just a few hundreds of thousands of dollars, but actually tens of millions of our tax dollars to dispense funds for this virus scam.  This is not just NIH, but HHS, NSF, USAID, DHS, USDA, etc!

EcoHealth Alliance appears to be a front – or something –  given that not long ago it was called ‘the Wildlife Trust’.  What got my attention is the way that the money has been thrown at this organization from so many different .gov departments, despite leaving out basics in the paperwork, like which subcontractor got x amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars in China!  Huge red flags.

The full info I have is in a couple of videos and documents I’m in the process of reviewing, but wanted to share them to see what others have to say.

Yesterday I watched a recent Highwire Episode that exposed the money trail of EcoHealth Alliance to some extent, and although that was shocking to me, I was also interested in the inevitable understanding – given the involvement of the DOD and DARPA – that this is a bioweapons project.

I’d thought of that viewpoint as conjecture, to some extent, in the past, but now, the world darkens a little more, to realize how extreme the situation actually is.  What is the full plan here?  Sure, ala the Great Reset, ‘You will have no need of money and you will be happy’, but now they have made the chip – it’s already created – and just a year ago that was full-on-tin-foil-hattery, yet suddenly it’s just the research being done.  WTH?

So, at 4:44 into the video, Del Bigtree starts to talk about EcoHealth Alliance and Peter Daszak:



As I began to look around and see what other people were saying, I came across this post on Gab by someone who has a good following –

House Republicans wrote a ten page letter to Peter Daszak yesterday GRILLING him about his involvement with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and it is so damn good.

I’m going to go through it line by line to show you guys what they’re talking about, but omg I want to cry. They actually mentioned the form 990-PF wire transfers I found last year between EHA and Wuhan. It’s not like I was mentioned in the letter or anything but I haven’t seen that mentioned ANYWHERE else. I’m so glad someone out there did their research.

This letter is good. Holy crap I want to cry.

Here’s the full PDF if you want to read it:


Like I said, I will be dissecting this with a fine-toothed comb to explain everything to you guys… but this is huge. HUGE news.

And here’s the long-form video I did on Daszak a month and a half ago. This guy has been on my list for so long. This is such a great thing.

Deception in America Episode One: The Tale of Peter Daszak
A look into the main architect of the Covid-19 controversy

I’ve gotten about 1/3 of the way into the video on what is apparently a full year of research into the man behind EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak and it’s pretty terrible to have to know about, the level of corruption going on, now that the money trail is coming out, even to the extent that some in CONGRESS are taking action.

Are others aware of this?  I just needed to share and see if I could get some feedback.  My apologies if I haven’t summarized very well.  It’s a lot of info and I feel pretty sickened by it.




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    Reply To: Why did ‘EcoHealth Alliance’ get over $60M in public funding from US agencies?

so that $60 million is in addition to the 2, $3.7 Million dollar contracts that the Fauci NIH gave to the Wuhan lab, in 2014 & 2019 ?

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    Bill in La Mesa

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    We Live in Interesting Times

Fascinating to ponder how many people may actually know exactly how this pandemic started.  Are they really going to try & take this to their graves?

I’ve heard of a few folks being “disappeared”.  Wonder if there have been suicides covered up.  How could you live with yourself if you were involved?

I worked in healthcare for 35 years, & have actually been involved with a couple of medical errors.  Even when they are not fatal or serious, you still feel like jumping off a bridge for about a month.  Can’t imagine being involved in a global catastrophe.

Question is…  Is this gain of function research going to continue?  Did it ever really stop?  When I was younger, I often wondered if a nuclear exchange would occur in my lifetime.  Strange to think I’d live to see something even worse than a limited nuclear war.

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Why did they get 60 million in public funding? The broad answer is because the system is corrupt. Its corrupt from the bottom up and rotted clean through.

You ever watch a stump rot out over the years? There comes a point where on the outside the stump still looks like a stump, but if you break it open the inside is just beetles, worms and dirt.

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