Who Caused the Economic Crisis? Nice Summary

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    Re: Who Caused the Economic Crisis? Nice Summary

Hello everyone! I took this from NEWSWEEK online, it’s not my words, it’s just a quick summary. I like to show what the press is reporting, like I just posted another story showing how someone wrote Paulson’s bailout will help the goverment make money. I am just showing an opposite view, so chill.

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    Re: Who Caused the Economic Crisis? Nice Summary

Newsweek has done a lovely job of showing the sheeple what a fabulously professional investigative reporting source they are!  And, anybody reading the story will take from it whatever political viewpoint they already hold and use the parts of this story needed to support that viewpoint.  

Now my take – blaming in whole or part the victim is sleezy, regardless of their participation.  If that were a valid argument, not one single confidence scam (ie. pigeon drop, lotto exchange, etc.) would ever yield an arrest, since those crimes require the victim’s participation.  For that matter, you could point to almost every member on the list as some form of "victim" or "unwitting participant" in a much grander scheme.  The elements involved here are groups all easily persuaded and manipulated.  This crisis was orchestrated, started, and furthered by the same subjects who have created EVERY such crisis, the central bankers.  I found it interesting to note that they are noticeably absent from the list!

"The best conspiracies can never be proven, that’s why they work!"

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    Re: Who Caused the Economic Crisis? Nice Summary


Let’s assume this (collapse) is a big conspiracy…then

1. who is at the end of the line?

2. the most important question is… what are they doing this for (because I’m assuming it has little to do with money since "they" have more than is needed)?

2a. What is their intention or motivation?

2b. Is it finally going to happen?  A "New World Order"?  Will it be World Domination?  Was this ‘World Economic Collapse’ planned?  Many believe previous economic collapses were carried out systematically.  Why not this one?

If it was planned, I don’t see how it could’ve been so hard to carry out "their" mission.  "They" don’t have to worry much about the underdeveloped countries.  "They" only have to make sure the developed countries are controlled; And how does one control a nation?… easy… give them exactly what they ask for-
Television (http://www.apa.org/releases/childrenads.html), 
Advertisements (http://www.apa.org/monitor/jun04/protecting.html
Fast Food (http://www.apa.org/monitor/dec01/fastfood.html),
Pharmacology ("Artificial Happiness", by Ronald W. Dworkin, M.D., Ph.D.) & (http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2005/4/18/94035.shtml),
Credit Cards,
Stimulus Checks,
Religion (faith), &
Obama (hope).
–Maybe the Matrix movie isn’t so far removed as I had thought.
–So all you people who want to wake people up wont be able to do this overnight.  These people have been conditioned since they were born.  If you know anything about psychology, then you know that it is very hard to "change" people.  It boils down to the nature vs. nurture argument.  Just as any urban, uneducated thug is hard to "change", it is equally so for the middle class, white suburban family.  Everyone has been brought up or "conditioned", for the most part, by their environment.  This means that the middle-class whitey is also prone to adverse conditioning set for them by the very things eminating from their rooms… the t.v., the playstations, the DS, the ipods, the cell phones, the computers (online gaming- World of Warcraft & Dungeons and Dragons have consumed, millions of people worldwide, like a disease).  Who on earth would want to READ a book with so much media vying for their attention?
–I think parental guidance is insufficient as it is, but now with the job market caving in on itself I believe that children will have less guidance and oversight as parents need more working hours and double incomes to make ends meet.  We can now start the meaningless process all over again where we condition our children to the very vices we have subverted ourselves to.
–In many ways we are diseased.  I think the, cure, is being able to think, critically, and follow through with critisms where/when necessary.
–I think the only person who should have the right to vote or obtain any "adult" priviledges (such as credit cards/mortgages) is IF they have been educated first (gov. mandated- why have a gov. if they are not willing to protect their citizens?).  I think, age, is a poor indicator of responsibility and it seems to me that the only factor preventing anyone from applying or obtaining "rights" to a particular outcome is one’s age.  I believe, the only probable factor required in obtaining any priviledge, is that of sufficient knowledge of the object desired, from a credit card up to the seat of presidency.
–I love Obama as well as the next democrat, but I think a more intelligent president would have been Ron Paul (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_paul).  Again, with the help of the boob tube and almost a billion dollars in advertising, anyone would’ve made it as far as Obama- think about it.
–I like your new pic, Krogoth! 🙂
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    Re: Who Caused the Economic Crisis? Nice Summary


You scare people… And I don’t think you scare people in a good way either.  You may have very good intentions of "informing" the masses, or at least the people visiting Chris’ site, but I definitely think your tactics of disagreeing with people are tasteless and ineffective. Unlike a nice breath of fresh air, you like to spread your “prophesy” notion like wildfire. I like Chris Martenson’s methods. His messages don’t elicit a sense of having information shoved down my throat.

On a lighter note, it’s nice to see the Christian Fundamentalists, such as your “Greean Farmers Eco-Geo Resources" site, spreading the economic news as well. After perusing the site and watching a few minutes of the video, near the bottom of the website, I lost my appetite for any message the site brings. Again, what differentiates your website from Chris’ is that Chris brings forth numbers and data collected while your website “prophesizes”, based on the bible, what will happen next.

I think most people guess, predict, “prophesize” what might happen in the future, but most of us take these predictions with some grain of salt. This is where critical thinking comes, in which you so vehemently advocate.

Instead of shoving your "prophasizing" down our throats, why don’t you let us digest what we have in our stomachs first? Also… let us eat what we want to eat, i.e., we came to Chris Martenson’s website for a reason. Likewise, we didn’t go to your site for a reason.

If your message is that damn important then you might try a more subtle approach. After all, this is a forum. If, we, physically, were collected in a forum, or conference, we might not want to hear you regardless of how loudly you screamed…. We would probably think you were crazy. Another way to put it… your prose and/or your style has been well noted and observed but screaming your messages at us and belittling others does not give your messages more credibility. At best, it may give you less.

All the best,


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    Re: Who Caused the Economic Crisis? Nice Summary



I appreciate your posting these sorts of articles for discussion.  I would only add that for something like the Andy Kessler piece — the one arguing that the goverment will actually end up making money — I would be grateful if folks explained — very precisely — why they think he is mistaken.

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