Where to now with Markets?

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  • Wed, May 13, 2020 - 10:25am



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    Where to now with Markets?

Thanks to Peak Prosperity and others I secured my 401k and IRAs back in January, and bought some well placed puts on XLE and XLY that paid off well in February and March. I have so far refrained from investing again in a big way.

I have recently bought some October puts against a Chinese ETF, and some some puts on the REIT EQR that has as it’s focus large concentrations of real estate investments in Big Cities, especially NYC.

I feel like the overwhelming impact of the Virus has and will continue to be Chaos. I feel like it has undermined a lot of key investing mantras. AS Chris has mentioned in his videos there is such a disconnect between having Markets up for the year while millions have been recently unemployed. It seems to me baked in the cake that when markets re-connect with reality that there will be a turn downwards again before stocks can break out in earnest.

Besides Precious Metals, What are other people here thinking?



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