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Where To Live In The United States?

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  • Thu, Sep 28, 2017 - 11:25pm



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Aloha! I do not plan on living any where north or south of 30lat! It always seems government and the masses that follow government dictates are always wrong. If we do another mini-ice age then you want to be as close to the equator as possible.

In the USA that leaves only three states. Texas, Florida and Hawaii. South of Houston and south of Jacksonville. All of Hawaii is safe.

Now that property values are lower in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands perhaps those US territories may be viable. Just build elevated concrete structures. Either that or we'll all be illegal aliens in Mexico!

Otherwise I would look at the northern part of West Australia as an alternative to the USA. Sharks Bay region!

It is easier to survive in warmer climates.

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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