When the people lead….

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  • Sun, Mar 22, 2020 - 12:54am



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    When the people lead….

So what are we to do, as Americans for this discussion, given our situation?

A lack of planning, preparedness, or implementation by the government for a foreseeable event.
A federal government constantly in lock-up mode.
A predatory and destructive financial/monetary system.
A “why-bother-voting?” two-party political system.
Many, many other systemic failures.

All the above negatively affect 99% of Americans.

The following have been bandied around for decades. Perhaps now is the time.

Term limits for elected officials. Thank you for your service to the country- now get a real job. No pension, no insurance-for-life.

No revolving door between government service and private industry for 5 years.

Publicly-funded elections. Sorry Mike….

Reverse the Citizens United decision. Corporations are not people.

Dismantle the Federal Reserve Bank.

These are certainly not my original ideas, and I know there are a few other really basic proposals for change and improvement that I am forgetting at the moment. There is much talk of a reset, or even a complete destruction of the present system. Perhaps engaging a proactive campaign immediately, we can provide the “solution” (or at least a solution of our choice) to guide the country where we would like it to be. I really, given the present political/social/economic situation, can’t imagine anyone- left, right, center, libertarian, socialist, or whatever, not embracing those changes.
So we have a country full of citizens sitting at home, for a month or more, wondering WTF?, with an extra 8-12 hours of time to think about it (one would hope). Is now the time for a huge grassroots campaign to pressure our elected officials to enact change that we “all” can agree on? What might happen if 10% of the recently furloughed/unemployed wrote/emailed/called/texted their elected representatives every day during this lockdown demanding action to implement the above? 30%? 60%?
My sweetheart is an unabashed conspiracy theorist. She thinks there are possibly some “good guys” that will come to our rescue. I choose not to be part of a “cargo cult”. The Founding Fathers/Mothers have come and gone. WE are the good guys! It’s up to us!
Never let a crisis go to waste.
When the people lead, the leaders will follow.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
Could this be a new meme for our time and situation? How would we get something like this primed? I believe the time may be upon us. I guess I haven’t lost faith yet. Aloha, Steve.

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    Wait your turn.

When one is attacked it is often important to wait your turn.  There are those that won’t wait. They often perish without effective action. They may be your primer.

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    When the people lead….

So much complacency…. follow the easy path

So many that are brainwashed…. no ability to think for themselves

So few willing to stand up for the right thing…. turning a blind eye

We have become such a lazy society. It is so sad. If I knew how to shake the people up and open their eyes to get them to see past the racism, misogyny, intolerance, and apathy I would make it happen.

I agree it is time to make a huge change. Often, reading science fiction stories, you find that the growth of a species leads ultimately to enlightenment and altruism. Will we as humans, ever reach that haughty goal?

Why are the leaders of so many countries in it for themselves. For the money, for their pride, for their egos, and never ever Of the People, By the People, For the People.

  • Sun, Mar 22, 2020 - 06:55pm

    robert slayton

    robert slayton

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    When the people lead….


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    When the people lead….

Tycer, I may be unclear on your intent.  90% of Americans have been “under attack” since, what, 1971?  How long should we wait to take action to “create a world worth inheriting”?  I believe, like us, most politicians are feeling like that deer in the headlights, wondering which way to jump.  There will soon be millions of citizens with time on their hands that could provide them with a not-so-gentle nudge as to which direction to jump.  It’d be sad to see that opportunity lost…

But, these are scary times, and perhaps people aren’t ready to drop their fear and move to something positive that they can have some control over.  It appears many will die, but the living will deserve something better, if they’re willing to invest a bit of energy and action.  In the ’60s we hit the streets, and actually brought about some change.  But we’ve grown soft, and keyboard protest may have to do for now.  Not much peril in that…Be well, Aloha, Steve

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    When the people lead….

Time for a new religion.

We are in the moment of death, worldwide.

All of our leadership: political, spiritual, academic, economic and commercial is corrupt and must be excised.

We must become “the resurrection and the light”

This pandemic will engender new meaning to “In God we Trust”


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