What would your dream team be, politically?

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    What would your dream team be, politically?

With the elections so near, what would be your ideal president and cabinet in the more important roles?

Mine would be this, and my reasons- I know already my list has people from all parties

President- Obama. I think it will be business as usual with any choice, and even though I have a lot of respect for McCain based on his life, being a true military hero in my book, and simply what he has been through as a man, I cannot support his economic choices or choice for VP. Obama will spend more (if we have anything to spend) on medical research and hopefully education.

Vice President- Joe Biden- Not the first choice I would have made, I think Ron Paul would have been a fantastic VP choice.

Secretary of Defense- Wesley Clark –

White House Chief of Staff- Colin Powell- This one should get a few comments

Secretary of Treasury- After Paulson is convicted of treason, Ron Paul moves in. And no I am not a Ron Paul nut, but the man does know the economy

Department of State- Not sure yet, I have a few ideas.  

Attorney General- This one makes me sad because I would have loved to have seen a ball-breaker like Eliot Spitzer be in this position, but he was in the wrong position, and now he is gone. Not decided about this one yet

Secretary of Energy or Environmental Protection Agency Head- Al Gore- Just for simply giving a damn

OK I gave some examples. We don’t need to drill down all positions (unless you just like to type a lot) but just the more key positions would be good


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    joe bender

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    Re: What would your dream team be, politically?

secretary of energy-amory lovins

ralph nader -pres

or ron paul ……flip for veep

jim rogers —treas secy


after that  wellllllllllll…………….pretty slim pickens

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    Re: What would your dream team be, politically?

I know it’s pretty sad when the choices are so limited







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    Re: What would your dream team be, politically?

Well, this is hard, primarily because I have such little faith in there being any integrity left in the beltway.  But, here goes:

By the way, my picks are a cross between what I would like to see, with what we could realistically see as well.  Otherwise I’d be grabbing guys like CM and some of his blog members! 

Obama will get elected, but there’s something narcissistic about him that concerns me.  I do respect McCain and his history, but it is painfully obvious that he’s out of touch with the number one issue we face right now:  Money.  There’s a shot that Obama will surround himself with the people who will keep things in check (hopefully).  A couple of years ago, I touted Joe Biden as the next president.  While I will distance myself from from the gloomy means by which this could happen, I do believe my prediction will come to fruition.  His VP?  Joe Lieberman will be chosen as the guy who speaks to both parties.  Lieberman’s personality is about as exciting as a piece of white toast that fell into the sink, which puts him one notch above Al Gore’s fun-loving persona!  But, I do like the guy as a straight talking individual, and whether or not I like the message, I respect being told the facts (sometimes!).  For that reason I would love to see Ron Paul as VP, but the likelihood of that is non-existent.

I like Colin Powell, I’d like to see him working as Secretary of State.  The guy has world recognition already, and we could monopolize on that.  I also think he has a perspective of the world that too many in DC just don’t have.

Attorney General:  I have to say that working in the Criminal Justice System for the last 23 years has led me to think that it just doesn’t matter who has this job.  The process is so out of touch with reality that Mickey and Minnie could tag-team this job and nobody would know the change.

Secretary of Defense:  Same, Wesley Clark.  No explanation needed here.

The rest are up in the air, as I would seek from the private sector more than I would from the beltway.  There’s too much insider crap and corruption to ensure any level of trust or loyalty anymore.



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