What to do with a dead chicken? (aka, R.I.P. Fluffy)

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  • Sun, Dec 23, 2012 - 12:15am


    Adam Taggart

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    What to do with a dead chicken? (aka, R.I.P. Fluffy)

After playing a game of Sorry, my 6 year-old looked out in the backyard and exclaimed "Daddy, look at the rainbow!".

It was a nice moment. A beatuiful full-arc rainbow stretched across the distant hills. I smiled, and then wondered:

Is that a hawk in our yard?

Sure enough it was. A massive red-tailed hawk.

Lucky me. Two wonders of nature to observe at the same moment. But then I wondered:

Why is that hawk in our yard?

Uh oh.

Sure enough. Our small flock of chickens is now one smaller. Poor Fluffy. I hope it was over quickly for her.

So my question is: does anyone have advice for how best to dispose of a dead chicken? I was thinking about simply digging a hole and burying her. Or more gruesomely, just letting nature take its course and let the carrion-feeders do their thing.

But the little amount I've read online seems to indicate that if you let the local wildlife eat the carcass, their demand for freshly-slaughtered chicken grows.

So, the current plan is to just double-bag her and inelegantly send her off on trash collection day.

But if there are better ideas, I'm open to them.

R.I.P. Fluffy. You were a good chicken to us.

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