What to do for those of us without deep monetary resources

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    What to do for those of us without deep monetary resources

This is a forum for those of us without deep monetary resources

– Resources to buy – things that will be worth more in the future for barter or sale
– Supplies to buy now that will cost more in the future
– Ways to generate multiple income streams
– Skills and supplies that would be useful and provide value and earned credit, both barter and social, as we collapse

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    What to do for those of us without deep monetary resources

Most of us have been pursuing these topics for some years and I see that you are a member since 2009.  There are many locations on this blog to find answers to your basic questions, but I suppose that you know that since you are a reader from 2009 and should have been prepping since that time.

Your point I think is “without deep monetary resources

A.  My suggestion for low cost “resources” and “supplies to buy”  : freeze dried coffee in vacuum sealed containers.  For a few dollars you can get freeze dried instant coffee that should stay good if the container is not opened.   Freeze dried means no moisture to decompose ingredients, vacuum means no oxygen to decompose ingredients.  If coffee is not available from Brazil, that little jar can bring some warm smiles to anyone who receives it.

B.  Ways to generate multiple income streams “without deep monetary resources.”

Here is a two step exercise that I recommend:

1. look around you at your local environment and ask: what wealth can be generated here?  for example, do you have deer in the woods nearby, big trees to sustainably harvest, a nice well that can be drilled or existing, really good soil, a stream with fish in it etc?

2. what specific acts can you do to facilitate another person to create/harvest that wealth?
This does two things:  i. community building wherein you bond with other(s) in a mutually beneficial relationship to create local sustainable community, and ii. you can leverage something you have or can do with that from another to obtain more wealth (bankers have given up on that role, let’s move on by building a better paradigm!)

Here is an example: a deep sea fisherman parked his boat in front of my house because it is protected here, I installed a solar powered freezer and made PET bottle ice for him.  He takes the ice from my freezer every morning to preserve his caught fish and gives me some of the fish.  I also cut the weeds from the lane to beach for him.  We do not “negotiate” any price or anything, we just did it.

Presently I am building a hostel, 3 rainwater-flush toilets and a tiny house at a beach that is a favorite of anglers.  It should open in a few months but we are already using to instruct school groups.   Someday they will not have money to pay for this but I will be more than happy to accept fish (and already school children are helping with labor).

Here is another: we have a community breakfast every Wednesday at my off grid house and people bring food that they are particularly good at creating, and share.  I plan to use this as a conduit if and when others need my stored foodstuffs (requesting assistance is extremely frowned on in Japan).  But all of us are farmers and have extra eggs, wildboar, vegetables of our own to share.  My role is to provide energy (wood-stove and electric appliances, air conditioning and oxygen machine/nitroglycerin pills/antibiotics available when things get hot and nasty).
Basically my suggestion is to leverage your best skill to combine with others to harvest/create the unique wealth opportunities in your locality.  There actually is a religion for identifying and understanding these wealth opportunities.  Look up “druidism” and Michael Greer.  In order to advance in that religion you must educate yourself on a few aspects of the science of your unique local area.  I would like to be a resource in this area at some time but am too busy trying to put together a website (using PHP and laravel) for helping people doing this via interactive website (I need help if anyone interested).
Best wishes

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