What the government wants us to do

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    What the government wants us to do

When I visited my family a couple of years ago in Florida, I remember gas prices were just starting to disturb some people in certain places. Yet day after day I would see Hummer’s, Ford 350 XLT’s, Excursions going down the road with 1 driver. People, if these cars had a turret and tracks they would be considered tanks. I REALLY hated seeing these behemoths with just 1 driver even then. Driving to get food or Taco Bell, whatever. But the big oil loves it. OPEC loves it, and the State and Government love it because it’s money and taxes. What does your government want you to do? Waste. One word. Waste. Yes I have some more down below this message, but Waste is the main one. Do it as much as possible. Waste more. As long as you pay your taxes, and they will go up, they don’t care. They will tax you and your family into the ground if necessary to feed the ever hungry beast. Bankers love it because they make money off that huge tank going down the road is interest. Eco Friendly cars? A good start, but not making a big enough dent yet. But wait? Gas is going down? Why is this? Demand. Demand is lowering because people are losing jobs, can’t afford to drive these tanks anymore, and are upside down in everything dealing with credit that they know. They are not going on vacation. They are shopping less. Big purchases are going down. They are trying to get rid of the tank and buy smaller cars. GM and Ford are seeing stock lows that have not happened since the 50’s on the market. Why? Because they sell the Denali, the Cadillac and a bunch of other tanks. Now they cant sell the tanks anymore, because nobody wants them. Do I pity GM and Ford for possibly going under soon? Yes and no. You see, I really love older cars, and had a gas sucking 69 Camaro back in the days before we knew about all this waste and damage. This car was my pride and joy in High School. We didn’t know what we were doing back then to the air or our earth, and gas was so cheap we could cruise and race all night if necessary. So that’s why it’s a love hate thing with the car companies. If I would have drove a scooter to school, I would be laughed at to the level of humiliation that I would have never come back. Anybody that was a vegetarian, earth aware, bicycle riding, moped riding whatever was considered a loser in my High School. If you did not have a car, you were nobody. Once again conditioning.  Even then I was friends with everyone, and didn’t belong to any certain click. I have a friend in Seattle that drives the best BMW you can buy. I don’t remember the model because I don’t follow trivial crap like that, but I know it cost at least 100k. He also has a 15k Rolex on his wrist, and always dresses in Hugo Boss clothing. He is single, and always seems to attract the worst bloodsucking, gold-digging women on the planet. Conditioning once again. I told him he is using the wrong bait. I told him that a woman should love you for who you are, not what you have. Strip away everything you have down to just yourself, and if the woman still loves you, she is the one. I don’t like to be flashy or arrogant. I don’t drive a flashy car. I live in a modest house. I have a great wife who will stick by me no matter what happens, and a beautiful 2 year old son, who is the single greatest achievement in my life. I have 0 credit owed. The point I am making is YOU control the hungry beast. YOU have the power to change anything you want to. YOU just need to realize this is conditioning, that’s all. Once you realize that this is a game they have been playing with all of us for decades, you will see the truth. Does the government want you to see the truth? No. It goes against everything they stand for. They don’t make money if you see the truth. If I have friends who judge me by what I have and not who I am, they are not friends for long. My circle of friends are very weird because I came off the hamster wheel of corporate life, but still keep in touch with a lot of my other friends who are still on the hamster wheel. Now that wheel is starting to spin very fast and they are flying off it. My other friends are overseas now, since I do work in Asia countries a lot, and they are totally different. They have the high living people in these countries, just on a smaller scale. OK enough rambling.

What the government wants us to do-

(1) Consume- Consume as much as possible, get as fat as possible, buy as much as possible even on credit. Hospitals and insurers need your money as well, so get fat and unhealthy 

(2) Waste- Waste as much as you can. Use gas as much as you can. Pollute as much as you can. Make as much trash as possible

(3) Trust- Trust in the future that the government will somehow take care of you and your grandparents

(4) Fear- Live in fear because it’s the American way now

(5) Ostentatiousness- Do this because you need to be better than your neighbor and everyone else

(6) Obey- Do as you are told, no exceptions

(7) Power- You can have power, just not more than the banks, certain people in government or uber wealthy inner circle

Anybody wants to add to this list, feel free.



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